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Twitter Shares Ads Best Practices to Assist Refine Your Tweet Advertising Strategy [Infographic]

Looking for ways to optimize your Twitter marketing approach, and make the most out of your brand tweeting efforts? This will help – among its various resources and tools, Twitter has a dedicated section on Twitter Ads Best Practiceswhich provides a range of tips on how to optimize your marketing tweets, based on case studies […]

Google Purchasing Advertisements Retail Model Slider

Google seems to be testing a new feature for shopping ads, where as you slide through the shopping ads carousel, it shows you which stores retail brands are being displayed. I cannot currently replicate this but it does help you see which merchants are being featured in this shopping ads carousel. Here is a GIF […]

Google Shopping Ads Testing Including Materials In Advert Title From Question

Google is testing a dynamic keyword insertion feature for Google Shopping Ads where it may insert the material in the product if used in the searcher’s query. I don’t know if this is 100% new or not but it might be. Store Growers shared an example of this in action on Twitter saying “Google is […]

Google Search Rating Updates, Google News Up to date, search engine marketing, Ads, Local & Extra

This week, we had some interesting tremors and ranking shifts from an unconfirmed Juneteenth Google search ranking update that really spiked a day or so ago. Google News revamped its design, added more features and customizations and relaunched in Spain. Google updated its help documents around Googlebot crawling, job posting and moved HTTP status documentation […]

TikTok Meetup Barcelona 2022 – Do not Make Advertisements. Make Tiktok’s

June 22, 2022 – 1 min read Mobidea Academy is an Official Sponsor of the TikTok Meetup in Barcelona. At the TikTok Meetup, there will be educational sessions on the 2022 TikTok trends and strategies for affiliate marketing. Get a chance to network with marketers, professional media buyers, and content creators, and learn the ins […]

LinkedIn Advertisements Checklisting: 19 Steps to a Profitable Campaign [Infographic]

Are you just getting started with a LinkedIn advertising campaign? Want to ensure that you have all your bases covered? LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions team provide an essential LinkedIn ads checklist in this infographic. They break things down as follows: Account setup Campaign setup audience bid and budget Creative After launch Check out the infographic for […]

Google Core Replace Finished, Title Hyperlink Algorithm Replace, Google Ads API, Critiques Lacking & Extra

This week, we had a lot of vocality around the Google core update and it has officially completed rolling out yesterday, June 9th – this core update was bigger than most. Google also updated its title link algorithm for multi-language and scripted titles. I posted the monthly Google webmaster report, seems like I forgot to […]

Should-know 7 Google Ads greatest practices for novice advertisers

Google Ads has been around for over 20 years already, and it’s still firmly holding onto its spot as the most popular digital advertising platform of them all. There is a good reason for that: the platform allows advertisers to appear on the world’s most used search engine, as well as Youtube, Gmail, and hundreds […]

Snapchat Shares New Knowledge on How AR and Camera Ads Can Assist Increase Marketing campaign Efficiency

What’s the best way to maximize your campaign performance on Snapchat? Snap has sought to provide some more insight on this, via two new studies which look at the ways in which different Snap ad formats drive user response in the app, and how Snapchat’s more advanced AR tools can help to boost brand lift […]

Google Shopping Ads Loyalty Program Characteristic Stay

At Google I/O the company announced a new Shopping Ad feature to showcase your loyalty programs directly into Google Search. Well, that feature might be out in the wild now, for Target and other retailers. Brian Freiesleben noticed this last night and posted about it on Twitter for a query on [iphone xr] where it […]