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Google September Helpful Content material Replace Carried out, SGE Updates, Hyperlinks Not A Prime Rating Issue, Bing Hiding Ads & Google’s twenty fifth Birthday

This week in search, Google finished rolling out the September 2023 helpful content update, which seemed to target SEO-first, search engine-first content in a big way. Google won’t be rolling back that update, if you were wondering. Google SGE got an update, too, with new, improved responses, safer responses, and also the “about this result” […]

Microsoft Advertising To Add Copilot To Create Ads & New Compare & Decide Bing Chat Ads

At the Microsoft AI event last Thursday, Microsoft also announced new AI-based ad features in the upcoming months. This includes Copilot, which will help you create ads in Microsoft Advertising, and a new ad format exclusive to the Bing Chat interface named compare and decide ads. As a reminder, Kya Sainsbury-Carter, the Corporate Vice President […]

Microsoft Says Bing Chat Clicks On Adverts 1.8X Greater

At the Microsoft AI event on last Thursday, I had a sit down with Kya Sainsbury-Carter, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Advertising, who told me that clicks on ads within Bing Chat are higher than clicks on ads in traditional search. 1.8X higher to be exact and with shopping ads, specifically in Bing Chat, […]

Google Ads Expands AI Tools

Google announced that it is expanding its AI-powered tools for Google Ads, its search ads platform. The AI-powered conversational tools to create ads is going into a true expanded beta test and Google also said automatically created assets will start using generative AI. This is coming in the near future, in the coming months, Google […]

New Google Ads Indicator Limited By Bid Strategy

Google Ads has a new indicator that may show up in your Google Ads advertiser console or dashboard named “limited by bid strategy.” This may show when Google thinks your campaign can get more value using a different bidding strategy. Anthony Higman spotted this notice and said “Just got this on an enhanced CPC bid […]

Google August Core Replace Executed, Language Matching System Replace, Canonical Bug, Google Ads AI Disclosure & Extra

For the original iTunes version, click here. This week, I posted the big Google Webmaster Report – I hope it is helpful. The Google August 2023 core update finished rolling out last night and that core update had volatility earlier in the week, we reported on it early but it seemed to be correct. Google […]

Google Clarifies Cryptocurrency Adverts Coverage For Blockchain-Based mostly Games Involving NFTs

Google has clarified its cryptocurrency policy to clarify the scope and requirements for the advertisement of blockchain-based games involving NFTs. Google said advertisers offering NFT games that do not promote gambling-related content may advertise those products and services starting September 15, 2023. Google first started to allow cryptocurrency ads a couple of years ago, as […]

X Previews Coming Job Adverts Enhancements, Including Improved Discovery and Job Suggestions

X’s new job listings are seeing good response, with “hundreds” of companies reportedly now listing open roles on their X profile, just two months after the option was first launched. And now, X is looking to add more job functionality into the app, including job recommendations, new ways to share job listings, a centralized job […]

Google Ads Sandbox – Limited Ad Serving Coverage

Google Ads has a new policy named limited ad serving where Google needs to “get to know you”,” the advertiser, before letting those ads serve at full scale. This reminds me of the Google Sandbox in organic from two decades ago but for Google Ads. Google wrote it is “announcing a new approach to improving […]

Google SGE Hyperlinks & Growth, August Core Replace, Emailing Google Hyperlink Spam, Bing, Ads, search engine marketing & Extra

This week, we continue to track the Google August 2023 core update, where we saw volatility last weekend and mid-week. Google Search Generative Experience gained links, expanded to India and Japan, added listen features, and shared some early feedback. Google said core updates do not impact the autocomplete search suggestions. Google Search Console added News […]