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Google Advertisements Provides New Advertisements & Reporting Insights For Holidays

Google announced several new features for the upcoming holiday season; yea, it is coming… These features include Customer Acquisition with High Value optimization, local ad changes, new product reporting, and more visibility for your Google shipping ads. (1) Customer Acquisition with High Value optimization: For those using online sales goals for Performance Max campaigns, advertisers […]

Reddit Shares New Insights into How Redditors are Researching Back-to-School Purchases [Infographic]

The Back-to-School push is underway, and Reddit has shared some new insights into how its users are researching their educational purchases, which could help to guide your thinking on how to reach this audience. In addition to its 56-page Back-to-School marketing guide, which it published earlier in the month, Reddit has now also provided an […]

Reddit Shares New Insights into How People are Looking for House Insurance coverage Data within the App [Infographic]

If you’re marketing home insurance, you need to be on Reddit… is something that I wouldn’t have anticipated ever writing, but there you go. Based on new research from Redditthere’s significant opportunity for insurers to connect with potential customers via the app. A rising number of people are searching for home insurance information within subreddits, […]

TikTook Launches Information With Insights on How to Promote Extra within the 2023 Holiday Season

Has your Marketing team already started planning for the end of year festivities? Calm down, I know, it’s still June. But if Christmas is a time that warms the sales of your businessthe time has come to prepare — and TikTok knows it well. The media application has just released the 2023 Holiday Marketing Playbooka […]

5 Insights From The State of Marketing Report 2023 That Caught My Eye As A Marketer

The marketing world has been evolving pretty fast. In the first few months of 2023 Artificial Intelligence brought lots of new possibilities and challenges to professionals around the globe. Keeping up with the trends is a must if you are willing to be a successful marketer. We can easily see trends on social media, but […]

TikTok Launches ‘TikTok World Hub’ to Share Guides and Insights for Entrepreneurs

TikTok has held its third annual ‘TikTok World’ event today, where it’s shared new insight into its latest product developments, ad tools, and creator options, along with strategy tips and pointers to help businesses grow their TikTok presence. And even if you didn’t catch the live event, you can still get up to date on […]

TikTook Shares New Insights into the Effectiveness of Advertising Combine Modelling in Advert Measurement

As marketing teams look for new ways to optimize performance, amid increasingly restrictive data flows, and other changes to measurement, new forms of tracking are emerging to take the place of traditional last-click models and other less accurate processes. And with consumers now also following vastly different purchase journeys, media mix modeling (MMM) has become […]

9 Main Insights From The 2023 Global Marketing Playbook

The world is changing fast, and in the digital scenario that we live in nowadays, growing beyond national limits can be a good idea to reach more people and deliver not only your content globally, but also your solutions. As a result of the impacts of a global brand can be positive not only for […]

Key Insights from The 2023 State of Remote Work

For the last six years, we’ve published the State of Remote Work report. We use this report to do a deep dive into the experience of remote workers around the world, their work structure, their struggles, and their career growth and pay. This year, we had 3,000 remote workers respond to the State of Remote […]

The 6 Most important Insights For Marketers From Our Jam Sessions in 2022

The content marketing universe is a wide space full of different possibilities, knowledge and experts. Inside it, we can find an endless variety of subjects that may help professionals and businesses succeed in their strategies. With so many topics to cover and subjects to specialize in, it is easy to understand the need for becoming […]