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Google Is Paying Reddit For Extra Content material, Extra Typically

Google has announced a deal with Reddit to gain access to its content using the Reddit Data API reportedly worth $60 million annually. Yes, Google is paying Reddit to get access to its publicly available content through an API that should make it faster for Google to consume and show us all that content. Not […]

Google Says You Determine What Previous Content material Is Helpful Or Not

The topic of removing or updating or blocking old content from Google is not new, and we covered it countless times. I saw John Mueller of Google comment about it again, this time on Reddit, saying, it is up to you to decide which of your old content is helpful and useful – it is […]

Google Ad Strength For Performance Max To Weigh Assets Amount & Selection Extra With Extra AI Rollouts

Google Ads announced that within Performance Max the search ad company is rolling out asset generation globally in English with more languages to come. Plus, image editing will finish rolling out in the U.S. in March, with global English expansion following shortly after. This means that Google is adjusting its Ad Strength formula to weigh […]

Large Volatility Reported – Google Search Rating Algorithm Replace

I am seeing some massive volatility being reported today after seeing a spike in chatter within the SEO community on Friday. I have not seen the third-party Google tracking tools show this much volatility in a long time. I will say the tracking tools are way more heated than the chatter I am seeing, so […]

Google Useful Content material System, Reddit’s Google Deal, Product Variant Schema, Google Ads, Bing Search & Search Quantity Predictions

Google spoke more about the time it takes to recover from a helpful content update and then said it is up to you to decide ice what old content is helpful or not. Google said it wants to reward the best content no matter the site size. Meanwhile, Google will now pay Reddit $60 million […]

Google Shopping Carousels Dynamically Changes Merchandise Under

Google has these latest styles and shop the look carousels for some clothing queries. Now when you swipe through the carousel, Google will dynamically change the products listed below them. Khushal Bherwani spotted this and posted a video on X of the “latest styles” carousel changing the “shop the trend” products below it as you […]

Google Investigating Situation The place Adult Sites Not Rating For Its Identify

Google is investigating a possible issue with its search results where Google is not ranking adult-oriented sites for its brand name in some regions. Instead, Google ranks the adult site’s help and support section above the home page for its name. The issue started around February 8th and was first reported by Vicky Mills, the […]

How SEOs Use Link Knowledge In Google Search Console

How do you use the link data within Google Search Console? That is what John Mueller of Google asked earlier this month, and he got a nice list of uses for the link data within the Search Console. Personally, I rarely use it but when I was reviewing Search Console, I noticed my link count […]

Google Search Virtual Attempt-On Models Provides Model Height

In June, Google introduced virtual try-on models to some clothing product shopping results. When it first launched, Google said it used AI to generate models that can try on clothes for you. The goal is to have a model that looks like you. Now, Google has added the virtual height of that AI-generated model. Shameem Adhikarath […]

Google Proper To Be Forgotten Takedown Notices Lacking Particulars

Google has updated its right to be forgotten EU takedown notices and details to not show the specific URLs and to stop notifying publishers of these requests. This is a big change from how these initially worked back in 2014. Initially, when there was an EU takedown request, Google would share the specifics so the […]