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Google MUM Provides Featured Snippets Consensus, Google Breaks Unhealthy, Rating Tremors, Lens, Spam & Extra

Google launched new features in search, one where Google is using MUM to give featured snippets a consensus – it’s pretty cool. Google also released new features about this result and expanded content advisories in search. Google Search broke this week, really badly, causing a lot of indexing issues with pages dropping out of the […]

Google Added GTIN12 Property To Product Structured Information

Google has the gtin12 property to the Google product structured data documentation in its help center. Note, the gtin12 property was always supported but Google just didn’t have it in the documentation until today. Google also clarified that you can use the generic gtin property for all GTINs, but Google said it recommends that you […]

Google Removes Rich Media File Greatest Practices Assist Doc

Google has deleted and 404ed the Rich media file best practices. Google said removed its “documentation about rich-media files, such as Silverlight and Flash.” Why? This is the best part, Google wrote “Turns out it’s not 2005 anymore.” You can probably briefly see the cached version of the page over here and then use the […]

Google Provides Third-Party Cookies One other Yr. Is It Secure To Also Postpone Your Worries?

In September 2021Google announced the deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome by 2023. But, plans changed, and they are delaying the deprecation by another year, aiming to start phasing them out in 2024. When Google first announced these changes, marketers were a little insecure and uncertain about the end of the third-party cookies. How could […]

Google Featured Snippet Callouts, False Premises, MUM & Extra

google has launched some improvements to featured snippets, about this result and the content advisories in Google Search. MUM now works with featured snippets to help Google understand the notion of consensus and then highlight words in the featured snippets, known as callouts. I dug deep into this on Search engine countryso here is the […]

Google Follow Feature Recommends Descriptive Titles For RSS Feed & Utilizing A Single Feed (Not A number of)

Google has made a couple of tweaks to the documentation for the Follow Feature in Google Search. Google added you should use (1) descriptive titles for your RSS feed and (2) a single feed even if you have multiple. The Google Follow feature lets people follow a website and get the latest updates from that […]

Google Search Testing Exhibiting All Of The Menu Bar Choices

Google is testing displaying all of the menu bar options under the Google Search bar. This is instead of showing the “more” button, to see more search options. So you see the options for videos, images, finance, news, etc, all listed out without needing to click “more” to see all of the options. Here is […]

Google Clarifies Product Structured Information GTIN Values ​​Should Be In Numerical Form

Google has updated its product structured data document to specify that the GTIN value must be presented is in numerical form. Google said it does not support the URL form for GTINs. You can see the update in this location of this Google help document where Google added “Make sure the GTIN value is in […]

Google Wealthy Outcomes People Also Ask Rises Whereas FAQs Drops

Google may be displaying more people also ask rich results and showing fewer FAQ rich results. Semrush and RankRanger are reporting that there are big swings in some rich results and how often they are showing. People Also Ask Rising You can see that RankRanger other semrush are both showing nice increases in people also […]

Google Search Rating Algorithm Update On Saturday, August sixth

On Saturday, August 6th, we saw a lot of signals that there was another Google Search ranking algorithm update. It is not clear if these are tremors for the finished Google products reviews update from July 2022 or if this is something new and different. As a reminder, the July 2022 product review update started […]