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Google Ads Testing New Dynamic Overview Carousel

Google Ads is testing (or rolling out) a new overview design for the advertiser console. It lets you pick which metrics you want to show in that view, and you can then scroll through them horizontally if they don’t fit on the screen. Anthony Higman spotted this and posted on X, “Google Ads New Overview […]

Bing Search Trending Carousel With Ads

Bing Search may sometimes show a “Trending in Bing” carousel at the top of the search results. That carousel shows alternative search refinements based on your previous query but it also can contain ads. Here is an example of it showing an ad card embedded in the other search refinements in the “Trending on Bing” […]

How to Enhance Engagement With LinkedIn Carousel Posts and Adverts

The algorithm giveth and the algorithm taketh away. Such is the cycle of social media. After launching their native carousel post format in July 2022, LinkedIn recently announced their removal of it less than a year later. Why? Apparently because of user feedback that LinkedIn carousels (and link stickers and profile videos) weren’t hittin’ the […]

Google Search Deals Carousel & Deals Product Grid Codecs

Google Search can show deals in both a product carousel format and a product grid-type of format. Some of these I think were somewhat showcased last November but over time, they may evolve. Here is a screenshot of Google showing me deals in both a carousel format and in a product grid format: Here are […]

Google Removes Choose Out For Education Q&A Carousel

Google has removed the ability to opt out of Education Q&A carousel in its search results. The original help documentation had a section with a link to a form to request not to show your content in the Education Q&A carousel, which was now removed. Google launched Education Q&A structured data just about a year […]

Google Search Products Gaining Consideration Carousel

Google Search seems to be testing a new product carousel titles “products gaining attention.” I assume this carousel shows products that are being viewed or clicked on more often than they were previously, but I am not sure. This was spotted by Khushal Bherwani who shared a few screenshots of this on Twitterhere is one, […]

Google Recent Images Carousel For Data Panel

Google has a “recent images” photo carousel for some knowledge panels. For example, Google had this for a search on the [golden globes] last week, showing photos from the recently taken and published event. Here is a screenshot that I snagged (click to enlarge it): This was first spotted by Khushal Bherwani who shared this […]

Google Search Testing About Carousel For Web sites

Google is testing a new search feature to tell you more about a website. This is an “about” carousel that shows more information about a site, including information from the site itself and third-party sites. This was spotted by Punit and posted on Twitter – here are some of his screenshots: I cannot replicate this […]

How to Delete One Image From an Instagram Carousel [5 Steps]

Is there anything worse than finding a mistake in an Instagram post that you spent hours perfecting? Probably, but it feels pretty darn bad. Lucky for us, you can now delete a single photo from an Instagram carousel post without deleting the whole carousel — so there’s some flexibility when it comes to editing live […]