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Google Merchant Center Product Studio With Themed Templates

Google Merchant Center has added new themed templates to the Product Studio. The new theme was for St. Patrick’s Day, which is coming up this Sunday. But Google will soon add Easter, Spring, and Mother’s Day themed templates to the Product Studio as well. Google announced “Product Studio is rolling out seasonal themed templates, and […]

Google Merchant Center Automatically Creating Promotions

Google Merchant Center has been automatically creating and applying promotions to some of your products over the Black Friday holiday season. The truth is, Google has been doing this for some time, but more are noticing this now because there are a lot of discounts going around this season. In fact, the new Merchant Center […]

Google Merchant Center Next Good points Google Business Profile Particulars

Google Merchant Center Next, its upgraded version of its Merchant Center platform, reportedly just gained integration with Google Business Profiles. Emmanuel Flossie reported, “Google Merchant Center Next now allows you to connect your Google Business Profile.” Here is a screenshot he shared on his blog: When I look at the original screenshots, Google demoed, the […]

Google Merchant Center checkout_link_template Attribute

Google Merchant Center has added a new attribute named checkout_link_template. Including this new attribute lets you include a checkout URL in your product data which gives online shoppers the option to go directly to your checkout page from your free listings. This seems related to what we reported about in June around Google Merchant Center […]

Google Useful Content material Replace, Put up Google Core Replace Tremors, FAQ Wealthy Outcomes Drop, Search Console Merchant Center Reviews & Extra

For the original iTunes version, click here. We got another official Google ranking update, the September 2023 helpful content update. This week, we had our first post-Google core update tremors and fluctuations. After saying they would a month ago, Google also finally dropped the FAQ-rich results snippets. Google also surprised us by saying How-to rich […]

Email Choice Heart: Varieties, Finest Practices & Examples

It’s inevitable that some of your recipients might fall out of love with your email or start to feel some email fatigue (with the average person receiving up to 100 emails/day it’s no surprise!)! No matter how helpful your content is or how impressive and creative your templates are, unsubscribes are just a fact of […]

Google Service provider Heart 3D Model Link [virtual_model_link] Attribute

Google has a new 3D model link [virtual_model_link] attribute, or at least new documentation on the 3D model link [virtual_model_link] attribute. This lets you provide 3D and/or AR models of your products for Google to display in search. Emmanuel Flossie spotted this first and the new help documentation is over here. It says, “Use the […]

Google Merchant Center Warning For Inappropriate Title

Google Merchant Center can now issue warnings for “inappropriate titles.” This can happen for your Google Discover or Demand Gen ads within Google Merchant Center. Dennis Moons, who is Google Ads Ecommerce expert, said this is a new warning for Google Merchant Center and shopping ads. He posted a screenshot of the notice on Twitter […]

How We’re Reorganizing 216 Articles in Our Help Center

Nobody wants to hear they’re outdated… stale… or old. That’s exactly what we had to face, though. Throughout the days, months, and years, our Help Center, where we keep up to date articles about Buffer for our customers, had become just that.Don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of great content in there. That’s the […]

Google Merchant Center Next Customer Help Particulars

Google wants you to add your customer support details to Google Merchant Center Next. Google said, “Shoppers are often dissatisfied when they can’t easily find customer support and returns related information when they’re shopping online.” So if you add this information, it will improve your shoppers experience. Here is how to add your customer service […]