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From Page to Screen: The Evolution of Anime Adaptations

From Page to Screen: The Evolution of Anime Adaptations The transformation of anime from printed manga pages to vibrant screen animations has always been a topic of intrigue. With the surge of digital platforms, anime adaptations have gained significant momentum, making them the centerpiece of global entertainment. For instance, sites like Alltheragefaces.com have tracked and […]

Google Search Console Updates Page Experience Overview Display screen

Google seems to have redesigned the page experience overview report within Google Search Console. The overview screen now looks more like a basic informational screen with a lot less data on it than the original version. This is part of the page experience report changes that we were expecting. Here is a screenshot of the […]

Google’s Useful Content material Replace Is Sitewide; Altering Some Phrases On A Web page Will not Assist You

As a reminder, the Google helpful content system/update is a sitewide algorithm. It looks at your site as a whole when applying its ranking system to the Google Search results. So changing a character on one page of your site, won’t do anything to help you recover from this Google ranking algorithm. Danny Sullivan, Google’s […]

Google Says Keyword Stuffing Is not About The Quantity Of Instances A Phrase Is Repeated On The Web page

While Google has a clear definition of what keyword stuffing is on its spam policies page, Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, explained that it is not about the number of times a word is repeated on a page. Rather, it is about how the words on the page read, he explained. Danny Sullivan wrote on […]

Google Screened Local Service Ads Now Present Distinctive Advertisers On Web page Load

Google’s Local Service Ads (LSA), Google Screened, previously would load the same advertisers as you scrolled down the search results page. Now, Google is loading unique, different advertisers when it shows you new Google Screened LSAs. Len Raleigh, who specializes in Local Service Ads, spotted this change this morning and posted on X saying, “Now […]

9 Best Practices to Create an Affiliate Advertising Landing Page

From testimonials and personalized CTAs to benefit-highlighting copy, your affiliate landing page should have the right mix of on-page elements to make people purchase using your affiliate links. But how do you create an affiliate landing page that gets thousands of conversions when you only have 2.6 seconds to make an impression? Let’s learn how […]

Google Says Internal Hyperlinks Pointing To Similar Web page Don’t Add Extra Information Than Different Hyperlinks

Google’s John Mueller was asked if internal links that point to its own page, does Google give those links more weight. In short, John Mueller of Google said no. The question from Sina Afkham was, “How much weight does Google give to internal links pointing to a page itself? Does Google consider the anchor text […]

Google Images With Web site Title, Favicon & Web page Title

Google Images are now showing the site name, favicon and below that, a second line, for the page title that image is sourced from. Previously, Google showed just the image, then Google tested the site name and favicon but now Google is showing it all. Here is a screenshot of what I see in Google […]

12 Best About Us Page Examples to Encourage Your Personal

We all know that if you’re creating a website, an About Us page is a must. However, what we might not know are some of the best practices to keep in mind when creating About Us pages.  So, for this piece, we spoke to content marketing experts and asked them their thoughts on what makes […]

10 Best Landing Page Builders in 2023 (Free & Paid)

An effective landing page can make all the difference for marketers looking to convert website visitors into leads and loyal customers. But though landing pages sound like a quick solution to low conversion rates, creating one from scratch can be challenging, even for the more experienced marketers.  You require extensive coding knowledge, design expertise, and […]