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Google Updates Searches With Quotes To Present Location Of Web page That Incorporates Quoted Phrases

Google announced it has changed how it displays search results for queries that use queries. The search snippet will now display the portion of the page where the quotes match, so the searcher knows where to look on the page when clicking through to the URL. Google’s Yonghao Jin wrote “Now we’re making quoted searches […]

Athol Each day News – A Web page from North Quabbin Historical past: North Quabbin farmers all the time discovered area of interest markets

Cathy Stanton of Wendell has always had an interest in the history of farming in New England, with a particular interest in how close the present nostalgia of farming was to reality. This interest has led her to join the board of the Quabbin Valley Food Co-op as well as creating the Landcaster and farmvalues.org […]

Google Confirms Embedding Iframes With NoIndex Does Not NoIndex Your Web page

This may be obvious to a lot of folks but embedding iframes can be a confusing topic to many. John Mueller of Google confirmed that if you embed an iframe that contains a meta noindex, it won’t result in the page you are embedding the iframe being removed from the Google index. John Mueller was […]

How to Create a Landing Web page (In 30 Minutes or Much less)

Have you ever wanted to launch a quick marketing campaign but didn’t want to go through the trouble of setting up or updating your own website?  Then you may already know about the solution to get that campaign going without needing to mess with your website at all – landing pages!  Whether you’re looking to […]

Google Creates A Touchdown Web page Documenting Main Rating Updates

Google has created a new landing page in the Google Search Central help documentation section for the latests major algorithm updates. This is only the updates Google deems “relevant to website owners” and most hyperlink to their announcements on their blog about these updates. The new page is over at developers.google.com/search/updates/ranking and is a short […]

Google Ads Diagnostic Insights On Overview Web page

Google Ads has added the diagnostic insights on the Insights and Overview page of the ad console. Diagnostic insights help you identify common reasons why your campaign may not be serving or getting conversions. Google announced this saying the reason they added this was because “it can be difficult to identify and troubleshoot these issues […]

How is Start Page performing? A take a look at our launch metrics

In early 2021, we started talking about building a new tool at Buffer. We wanted to build a new feature to allow our customers to create beautiful micro sites easily. We wanted to create a simple, intuitive, and delightful experience. This new feature would be the first time we’d venture beyond focusing on purely social […]

Google Begins Testing Video Web page Indexing In Search Console

At Google I/O we caught a super early glimpse of the video page indexing report. Well, now some of those who are part of the beta group in Google Search Console are seeing the report in their Search Console profiles. Kevin Monier posted on Twitter that he is seeing the report in his Search Console […]

Google Says You Don’t Have To Resubmit Your Web page For Indexing Every Time You Replace It

Google’s John Mueller said when it comes to reindexing and resubmitting your web pages to Google Search – Google does it on its own. You do not need to resubmit your pages each time you update the content, Google will figure it out. Of course, if you want to, you can, using the URL inspection […]

5 Start Page Updates to Assist You Develop Your Model

When we launched home page back in October 2021, we weren’t quite sure who would use it. We had a hunch, but it turns out we weren’t imaginative enough. Start Page has been used more widely than we could have possible imagined. From photographers to plumbers, baking sites to gig nights, seeing hundreds of new […]