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Google Rich Results Test Tool Provides Edit Code Button

Google has added back the edit code button to the Rich Results Test tool. Ryan Levering from Google posted this news on mastodon saying, “Excited for this new button in Rich Results Test that makes it easier to test fixes to live code.” ” I know a lot of people missed the Structured Data Testing […]

Google Says Incorrect Final Modification Date In HTTP Header Does Not Damage Your website positioning

Google’s John Mueller felt the need to post a PSA that said having an incorrect date set in your last modification date within your HTTP header won’t hurt your SEO. He said on mastodonhaving an incorrect date set there “won’t negatively affect your site’s overall SEO if used wrongly.” John wrote about spotting an article […]

Glenn Gabe On Fixing Websites Hit By Google Core Updates, Links & Disavow

In part one with Glenn Gabe, we talk about Bing chat and Google Bard and also the use of AI-generated content, in part two we dig more into EEAT and how AI tools may replace us all. In the previous video with Glenn Gabe we spoke about Google core updates, and here we talk about […]

Google Announces New Options For Its Chatbot Bard. What Is The Affect On search engine optimization?

Over the past few years, Google Bard has established itself as one of the most innovative and influential platforms on the tech scene and is now set to expand its global presence. This expansion has tech enthusiasts excited and curious about the latest updates the internet giant has to offer. With a plethora of resources […]

Google Lists Supported Languages ​​For Translated Search Outcomes

Google has added the specific languages ​​the Google Search translated search results feature works for to its support documentation. Specifically, Google added a “feature availability” section and moved some content around on the page. It says, “Currently, Google may translate results into the following languages: Bengali, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Portuguese, […]

Google Business Profile Edit Posts/Updates Bug

For the past few days, Google Business Profiles has a bug when you try to edit existing Google Posts or Google Updates. I confirmed this myself when writing this story; it was still an issue. What happens is when you go to your Google Business Profile and click to view your Google Posts / Updates. […]

Google Business Profiles Increasing Language Assistance Choices

Google Business Profiles seems to be expanding which businesses can add and edit the languages ​​they offer support it. This is the language assistance option that Google first introduced in Google Business Profilers for healthcare facilities back in December 2021. Darcy Burk noticed this showing up as an option for his HVAC customers and posted […]

Google Useful Content material Replace Promotes, Google Algorithm Replace, Bard Positive aspects Citations, Drop In Native Packs & Extra

This week we learned that the upcoming Google helpful content update would soon promote content, not just demote content. Google also pushed out a search ranking algorithm update, but it was not confirmed. Google Bard now shows citations like Bing Chat, but they are not really good. I explained why I think Google must encourage […]

Google Search Algorithm Rating Volatility Round May seventeenth

For the past couple of days or so, maybe starting as early as May 16, 2023 through today, May 18, 2023, I am seeing significant signs of another unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update. I am seeing these signs both from SEO industry chatter across the forums and also based on the automated tracking tools. […]