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Microsoft Bing Testing Coloured Sitelink Packing containers In Bing Search

Microsoft Bing is testing background colors for the sitelinks section of the search result snippet. I am not sure I like this look but it does indeed make the sitelinks stand out a lot – what do you think? I was indeed able to replicate this but it was first spotted by Khushal Bherwani on […]

Microsoft Bing Testing Folks Additionally Ask In Carousel Format

Microsoft Bing is testing a carousel format and user experience for the people also ask. Normally we will the people also ask in a list view, but the carousel test gives you the question and answer immediately. Here is the carousel format for the people also ask as spotted by Frank Sandtmann, a Germany-based SEO: […]

July Google Product Reviews Replace, High quality Raters Tips, Things To Know Disappear, Core Web Vitals, Bing, Ads & Extra

This week, it was awkwardly quiet with the Google rankings and then Google dropped the bombshell, the July 2022 Google Product Review update touched down. Google also released new search quality raters guidelines, a refresh from the one updated 9 months ago. Google’s Things To Know feature went missing on desktop search. Google no longer […]

Microsoft Bing Testing Data Panel Take a look at Polls

Microsoft Bing may be testing polls for the knowledge panels they display on the right panel. If you search for [joe biden]and scroll down the right side knowledge panel, you may see a friendly poll or test. This was spotted by Shameem Adhikarath and I am not able to replicate it, so this might be […]

Microsoft Bing Checks Video Playlist In Web Search Interface

Microsoft Bing Video search results has had a playlist feature since at least 2020. But now it seems Microsoft is testing displaying the playlist icon in the Bing web search results, not just the video results. Khushal Bherwani spotted this and posted the following screenshots on Twitter showing the playlist icon showing in the Bing […]

Microsoft Bing “See Your Advert Here”

Microsoft is testing in Bing Search a link named “see your ad here.” I guess this is promoting Microsoft Advertising’s search ad platform to encourage advertisers to bid on those keywords for that query. Here is a screenshot of this spotted by Khushal Bherwani on Twitter: I guess Microsoft is looking for new advertisers to […]

Google Algorithm Replace, Spammers Kill Bing Sitemap Submission, FID to INP, New Google Advert Label & RIP Bill Slawski

There was another unconfirmed update on May 16th, about 6 months since the last confirmed Google core update. Spammers killed off the Bing anonymous sitemap submission method. Google will likely replace FID with INP in Core Web Vitals. Google Search Console performance reports now show education Q&A. There may be a new form of knowledge […]

Microsoft Bing High Rated Tutors With TakeLessons Integration

Bing Search has a new carousel for “top rated tutors” for keyword searches such as [piano], [makeup], [guitar] and so on. This brings up a special search carousel that pulls data from TakeLessons, a Microsoft owned property. Here is a screenshot of the [piano] query for “explore top rated piano tutors.” When you click on […]

Bing Interactive Wikipedia Field In Search Outcomes Now Scrolls On Mouse Hover

Microsoft Bing has updated the interactive Wikipedia box in the search results to scroll based on where you hover your mouse on the left side of the box. We first spotted this Wikipedia box in Bing Search back in March but it seems Microsoft upgraded it a bit to jump you to the section you […]