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Microsoft Bing Search Exams Blue Highlighted Textual content In AI Chat Solutions

Microsoft Bing is testing highlighting portions of the AI ​​chat answer in blue, the one embedded in the Bing Search results. Bing Search started to test embedding its Bing Chat AI answers into the Bing search results two months ago and now Bing is testing highlighting part of the answer in blue. This was spotted […]

Microsoft Bing Automobiles For Sale “No Accidents” label

Microsoft Bing Search has cars for sale feature that shows cars they have listed in the Microsoft Autos site. Now, Bing is showing a green label named “No Accidents” for cars they can verify have no accidents reported for that VIN. Shameem Adhikarath spotted this and posted it on Twitter but I can replicate this […]

Bing Chat Rolls Out Options It Introduced Earlier This Month

Earlier this month, I covered a “big” press event Microsoft held announcing some new features and removing the waitlist for Bing Chat. Yesterday afternoon, Bing announced that these features are now rolling out, some are live, and some will be live within a week or two. I already covered it a couple of weeks ago […]

Microsoft Start Partner Label In Bing Chat Outcomes

A couple of months ago we reported that Microsoft may share revenues with publishers that help it create content for Bing Chat. It was under the Microsoft Start Partner program. Well, for the first time, I am seeing a Microsoft Start partner label in the Bing Chat results. This was posted on Twitter and Mikhail […]

Google Search Generative Experience, Useful Content material Replace For Hidden Gems, I/O Google Replace, Bing Chat Fashions & Extra I/O

What a crazy week with Google I/O, where Search took the spotlight for the first time in a long time at the event. Google also may have rolled out an unconfirmed search ranking update around the same time as Google I/O. We had Google show off the new Google Search Generative Experience, and I did […]

Bing Chat AI Mannequin Enhancements Will Enhance Bing’s Core Search Algorithm, But Adjustments Will not All the time Be Synced

Did you know that some of the improvements being made to the Bing Chat AI models will lead to improvements to the Bing Search core ranking algorithms? Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Bing, said this on Twitter yesterday. Glenn Gabe asked him “So AI model improvements will ultimately improve Bing’s core search algo, but the […]

Unconfirmed May Google Replace, Bing Chat Opens To All, EEAT Elements & Syndicated Content material

This week, I posted the monthly Google webmaster report for May 2023. Google may have pushed out an unconfirmed search algorithm update on May 1st and 2nd, and that update seems to have heated up in a big way later on in the week. Microsoft opened Bing Chat to all and updated some features. Google […]

Bing Chat Open To All With New Upgrades

Microsoft had an event yesterday in NYC showing off some new features for Bing Chat, touting some growth figures and announcing it removed the waitlist for the co-pilot feature. I covered this in more detail on Search Engine Land but honestly, I covered many of these feature announcements on this site already, so you are […]

Glenn Gabe On Bing Chat & Google Bard & AI Generated Content material

I finally convinced Glenn Gabe to let me interview him on my vlog, and we spoke for a while on a ton of core SEO topics. Glenn has been doing SEO for a long time, and he is my go-to guy for some of the most complex Google SEO topics. He runs a consultancy company […]

Microsoft Bing Clear Toggle Possibility For Some Photographs

Microsoft Bing Search sometimes will show a button to see what images look like with transparent backgrounds. It shows up for searches for some company logos, where it says “see which images have transparent backgrounds.” This can come in handy, especially when I want to drop logos on images, like the one above. Finding a […]