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Google Search Console Core Web Vitals Report Could Report On Extra URLs

Google updated the Core Web Vitals report in Google Search Console on March 27, 2023. The update may have resulted in a change in the number of URLs in your Core Web Vitals report, the search company wrote. Google wrote, “You may see a change in the number of URLs in your Core Web Vitals […]

Core Internet Vitals Not A Google Discover Requirement

Do you need outstanding core web vital scores to be included in Google Discover? The answer is no, at least John Mueller of Google said, “we don’t have that connection documented anywhere.” John also said, “I’d be surprised if CWV were a requirement for Discover.” He said this on mastodon when he was asked, “many […]

Google Core Web Vitals Report Positive aspects URL Stage Knowledge For Examples URLs

Google announced on Twitter it has added URL-level data in the example URLs within the Google Core Web Vitals report. Plus Google added that it made some textual changes to the report “to make it clearer.” Google wrote “We’re improving the Core Web Vitals report From today we’ll start surfacing URL-level data in the example […]

Google Core Web Vitals No Longer Impacted By Noindexed Pages

In 2021, Google said that Core Web Vitals may also be graded based on pages on your site that are noindexed. Well, that is no longer the case according to an updated Google help document. A page that has noindex on it will no longer be factored into your Core Web Vitals and Google Page […]

July Google Product Reviews Replace, High quality Raters Tips, Things To Know Disappear, Core Web Vitals, Bing, Ads & Extra

This week, it was awkwardly quiet with the Google rankings and then Google dropped the bombshell, the July 2022 Google Product Review update touched down. Google also released new search quality raters guidelines, a refresh from the one updated 9 months ago. Google’s Things To Know feature went missing on desktop search. Google no longer […]

Google about swaying on the fringe of the core knowledge of Web Vitals fields

Have you ever seen a chart in your Page Experience report or Core Web Vitals reports that shows Core Web Vitals data and then does no more and then again? If you do this, you are not alone, it means you are “on the verge of having enough field data to properly evaluate the CWV,” […]

The Google Search Console Core Web Vitals report provides extra correct scores

In May 2020, Google added a. added Core Web Vitals Report (to replace the speed report) in the Google Search Console. The report now appears to show more detailed rating data on a URL group basis in the Sample Details section in the right bar after clicking a specific URL group in the report. Oliver […]

Wir haben 208K Webseiten analysiert. Das haben wir über Core Web Vitals und UX gelernt

Wir haben 208.085 Webseiten analysiert, um mehr darüber zu erfahren Core Web Vitals. Zuerst haben wir Benchmarks für die kumulative Layoutverschiebung, die erste Eingabeverzögerung und die größte inhaltsreiche Farbe erstellt. Dann haben wir uns die Korrelation zwischen Core Web Vitals und Benutzererfahrungsmetriken (wie Absprungrate) angesehen. Dank der Daten von WebCEO, konnten wir einige interessante Erkenntnisse […]