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Top 3 Airline Stocks Positioned for Potential Gains – Buy or Hold?

The airline market has emerged resilient over the years and is poised for significant growth owing to increasing air travel demand and the incorporation of new innovative ideas to bolster the market. Given this backdrop, let’s assess the prospects of airline stocks Copa Holdings, S.A. (CPA), Corporación América Airports S.A. (CAAP), and Cathay Pacific Airways […]

Google Discover Products Part Features Pricing & Reductions

Google Discover added products or e-commerce sections about a month ago. But now it seems Google is adding both pricing details and discounts to those product/e-commerce Discover results. Glenn Gabe spotted this and posted some screenshots on X: Glenn wrote, “Now I’m seeing an expansion of the product cards that have been showing up. They […]

Google Merchant Center Next Good points Google Business Profile Particulars

Google Merchant Center Next, its upgraded version of its Merchant Center platform, reportedly just gained integration with Google Business Profiles. Emmanuel Flossie reported, “Google Merchant Center Next now allows you to connect your Google Business Profile.” Here is a screenshot he shared on his blog: When I look at the original screenshots, Google demoed, the […]

LinkedIn Good points MRC Accreditation on A number of Key Ad Metrics

LinkedIn has gained an extra level of assurance for advertisers, with the Media Ratings Council (MRC) granting accreditation on several of LinkedIn’s display ad metrics. After submitting to a voluntary MRC audit, LinkedIn’s processes have now been verified by the Council, meaning that LinkedIn’s measurement and reporting systems adhere to industry standards across several key […]

Google SGE Positive factors Hyperlinks & Movies, Search Console Not Monitoring SGE, Business Profiles AI, Misleading Bing Ads & Extra

This week we covered a possible Google algorithm updater yesterday and today. We also covered how the new Google Search Generative Experience now can show both links to sources and videos in the answer snapshots. Google SGE also has these new “from Google” cards in the answers. Google Search Generative Experience does not always show […]

Google Search Explore Part Good points Sponsored Ads

Google’s explore section, which we first found a year ago and is now live for all, now seems to be showing Google Ads or sponsored listings. I haven’t seen ads in the Explore section before, maybe I missed it, but now they are showing for some people. Khushal Bherwani noticed ads in the explore section […]

Bing Beneficial properties AI-Powered Shopping Options

Bing announced a number of new features it says are powered by AI in both Bing, Bing Chat, and the Edge sidebar. The features include AI-generated buying guides, AI-generated review summaries, and new price match monitors. Let’s go through each, most of which should be live for many of you. Buying Guides Bing uses AI […]

Google Bard Beneficial properties Implicit Code Execution & Export Tables To Sheets

Google announced that they added Implicit Code Execution to Bard, making Bard 30% more accurate in internal logic challenge tests. It basically made Bard better at math and data analysis. Also, Bard can export tables directly into Google Sheets. Jack Krawczyk, from the Google Bard team, wrote on Twitter, “Today we’re launching Implicit Code Execution […]

Google Useful Content material Replace Promotes, Google Algorithm Replace, Bard Positive aspects Citations, Drop In Native Packs & Extra

This week we learned that the upcoming Google helpful content update would soon promote content, not just demote content. Google also pushed out a search ranking algorithm update, but it was not confirmed. Google Bard now shows citations like Bing Chat, but they are not really good. I explained why I think Google must encourage […]

Google Search Pronunciation Features Practice Function

Several years ago, Google Search added a search feature to help you pronounce words. Google Search back in 2019 added to that feature a way to practice your pronunciation directly in the search results. Now there is a “practice” button that will turn on your device’s microphone and let Google Search hear you as you […]