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Franchising Is Not For Everybody. Discover These Profitable Alternate options to Increase Your Business.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Not every business can be franchised, nor should it. As the founder and operator of an exciting, new concept, it’s hard not to envision opening a unit on every corner and becoming the next franchise millionaire. It’s a common dream. At one time, numerous concepts were claiming […]

Microsoft Bing Checks Trending Labels In Visually Explore Box

Microsoft Bing is testing showing a “trending” label in the visually explore box within its search results. This may show up on some visually explore search boxes if Bing thinks the topic is trending. This feature was spotted by Khushal Bherwani on X and then Shameem Adhikarath on X a day later. Here are some […]

Google Search Explore Part Good points Sponsored Ads

Google’s explore section, which we first found a year ago and is now live for all, now seems to be showing Google Ads or sponsored listings. I haven’t seen ads in the Explore section before, maybe I missed it, but now they are showing for some people. Khushal Bherwani noticed ads in the explore section […]

Microsoft Bing Search Menu Drop Down With Explore & Collect

Microsoft Bing is testing a new search bar interface on image search (I believe) where the search vertical options, such as web, videos, news, etc, are now presented in a drop-down bar and Bing added an “explore” and ” collect” option across the bar instead. This was first spotted by Frank Sandtmann and posted on […]

More “Google Explore” Testing As The Dynamic SERP Function Now Covers Matters, Individuals, and Even Corporations

In June of 2022, Mordy Oberstein first spotted a new SERP feature being tested called Google Explore. That’s where a feed of content shows up after a user scrolls through several pages in the mobile SERPs. It has a special treatment in the SERPs and looks like the combination of Search and Discover. As of […]

Instagram Exams Out New Advert Choices, Together with Explore Placement and Interactive AR Shows

As we head into the holiday shopping push, Instagram has announced that it’s testing out some new ad optionsin the hopes of maximizing its revenue intake, while also providing new opportunities for brands. Though I can’t imagine that these will be entirely popular additions with users. First off, Instagram’s adding new ads into Explore, with […]

Google Search Testing Explore Brands Part With & Without Product Images

Google is testing a search feature for more product and e-commerce features, this one is titled “explore products.” The explore products feature comes with product images and without product images. This explore products feature shows you popular brands from the web, according to the subtitle. Here is a screenshot of this from Saad AK on […]

Google Testing Discover Extra For Product Queries

Google seems to be testing another refinement feature named “explore more.” This is in addition to the product gridsand popular products and refine by search features. This looks similar to the refine by search feature but takes up less real estate. This was spotted by Punit who posted these screenshots on Twitter: I personally cannot […]

Google Search Explore Part Take a look at

Google seems to be testing a new section titled “explore.” In this section you can find articles about the topic broken into subject topics of sorts. Mordy Oberstein found this, apparently the man likes to scroll and scroll and scroll, and shared a video cast of this in action on Twitterbut here is a still […]

Microsoft Bing Assessments Facet Bar Discover Images Menu

Microsoft has been busy testing variations of explore features in Bing Search. Here is one showing a side bar menu that expands and when clicked on, takes you into Bing Image Search. The GIF below is from Khushal Bherwani who posted this on Twitter: You can see the side bar menu expands out, and then […]