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Microsoft Bing Checks Trending Labels In Visually Explore Box

Microsoft Bing is testing showing a “trending” label in the visually explore box within its search results. This may show up on some visually explore search boxes if Bing thinks the topic is trending. This feature was spotted by Khushal Bherwani on X and then Shameem Adhikarath on X a day later. Here are some […]

Google Testing Expandable Image Field In Search Outcomes

Google is testing an image box that you can click on and expand to reveal images. Google’s mobile search results can show an image link, that if you click on reveal an image grid section. If you don’t click on it, it won’t show the images. This was spotted by Khushal Bherwani who shared a […]

Bing Chat To Allow Pasting Pictures Into Question Field

Bing Chat will soon allow you to copy and image to your clipboard and paste it directly into the query or search box. This will make it faster than manually uploading the image to Bing Chat. Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft Bing’s CEO, said on Twitter that this feature should be live on Monday, August 28th. Here […]

Bing Testing New Snippet Questions Consequence Field

Microsoft Bing has this feature where you can see “people also ask” like results under search result snippets, I am not sure what Microsoft calls them, but they provide additional questions and answers related to the site and query. Well, Microsoft Bing seems to be testing new designs for it. Or maybe these are broken, […]

Google Search “Dwell’s Affected” field

When the horrific Louisville shooting happened several days ago, SEOs began to notice a new box in the Google search results labeled “lives affected.” It was a box that showed the latest horror from that shooting. I didn’t want to cover it right away and I gave it some time but I wanted to document […]

Get Featured in Google Answer Box: Ideas for Most Visibility

When it comes to search engine optimizationranking in the top spot is crucial for getting the most traffic. However, as all marketers know, getting the coveted first position is challenging, especially when competing against some of the biggest brands in the world. When you add pay-per-click advertising to the mix, some keywords may seem impossible […]

Google Search New Field “Maps On This Topic” & “From Your Subscriptions”

Google Search is showing and maybe testing news and top stories related boxes with a headline that says “maps on this topic.” So, Google can also know what publications you are subscribed to and show you “from your subscriptions” content as well. Maps On This Topic This Maps on this topic box is super unusual […]

Do Google One Field Outcomes Get Particular Monitoring Parameters With Integrations

Have you ever noticed that some Google one boxes, like the Twitter carousel, in Google Search, have special tracking parameters added to the URLs when you click on them. Carolyn Lyden asked John Mueller of Google why is this the case. She shared this screenshot showing the parameters added to the end of the URL, […]

Google Search Conversations / Discussions & Forums Field

Google has had these discussion carousels for the past couple of years. Now Google also spotted a “conversations” box and also a “discussions and forums” box in Google Search. These primarily bring up forum threads or social media posts in these boxes. Here is the “Conversations” box that I can replicate but first spotted by […]

Google Testing Bigger Dwell Stream Field In Search Outcomes

Google’s live stream box in search was mostly found in carousels or thin list view interfaces. But now Google seems to be showing them in a more prominent manner for some queries. Maybe this is not new but Khushal Bherwani is pretty good at spotting new things and he said this is new on Twitter. […]