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Bing Testing Search Outcome Itemizing Branded Facet Labels

Bing is now testing showing branded side labels next to each search result listing. We saw earlier more basic side labels and before that branded side bars for some search queries. I am also seeing favicons on the side of the snippets. Bing is always very busy testing these things. This was spotted by Frank […]

Bing Testing Search Outcome Itemizing Facet Labels

Bing seems to be testing placing labels that describe the search result listing, on the left side bar of the search result listing. It seems the label will help define what the search result listing is about, maybe listing out some of its entities. Frank Sandtmann spotted this and posted this screenshot on mastodon (click […]

What Should You Know About Healthcare Labels?

Home Business Magazine Online The pharmaceutical industry in the United States is booming, as is the business of custom healthcare labels. From prescription powders and pills to dietary supplements, healthcare products and devices have seen a steady increase in market growth over the past two decades, and today this sector is one of the most […]

Twitter Removes State Affiliated and Authorities Funded Media Labels

With all the various changes happening at Twitter, it’s hard to tell right now what’s an actual systematic change, and what’s a mistake, as a side effect of some other update. But, at least right now, Twitter seems to have removed all of its labels on government and state-affiliated media accounts – you know, those […]

Dire Straits’ Guy Fletcher on how the ability of Dolby Atmos is reinvigorating the band’s basic catalogue | Labels

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE Dire Straits’ Money For Nothing is among the latest landmark releases to be remastered for Dolby Atmos this year. The British group’s 1988 compilation is among their best-sellers with more than 1.2 million sales certified by the BPI. The new edition has been remastered by mastering engineer Bob Ludwig. The title track, which […]

Google Search Shopping Labels For Pre-Owned

Google is showing a green leaf label that says “pre-owned” on Google Shopping results, which I guess are pre-owned. This shows both in the desktop and mobile Google Search shopping results. Google originally announced this label a couple of months ago but this has not been in the search results yet, that is until now. […]

Five Ways Metal Tags and Labels Can Improve Your Inventory Tracking

Home Business Magazine Online For business owners, one of the crucial considerations when overseeing operations is to ensure all products are readily identifiable, ie, inventory tracking. Metal tags and labels, in general, are the best options for labeling assets and products due to their durability and visibility. Nowadays, businesses worldwide should make an effort to […]

Google Auto Information Panel Labels Hybrid & Electrical Automobiles With Inexperienced Font

Google Search has a knowledge panel for automobile and car related searches. If you search for a vehicle where there is an electric and/or hybrid option available, Google will say “hybrid available” and put that font in green. This was spotted by Melissa Fach who said on Twitter “Haven’t seen this in KPs before – […]

Will Western Area of interest Labels Grow to be Ventures’ Subsequent Candy Spot in China?

What Happened: On February 9, the e-commerce solution company Kuai Commerce announced a second seed round of funding — £2 million ($2.7 million) — to launch its first group of international D2C clean beauty brands targeting Gen-Z consumers in China. Kuai will not only ship their products to China, but also handle all marketing, logistics, […]

Google Local Search grouping, carousels & labels rely

Google has pushed the limits of its user interfaces in local search results in web search and some other filters. I don’t know or even think this was introduced lately, but I think this was introduced in 2021. In short, Google’s local search results group things more together, use more carousels, and even offer filters […]