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Google Search Trending Topics News Field

Google Search seems to be testing a new “trending topics” section for some news queries in Google Search on mobile. This Trending Topics section lets you toggle and refine your query by topics, such as weather, crime, sports, politics, or other trending news categories for that query. This was spotted by Saad AK on Twitter […]

Google Top Stories Topics Sections On Desktop

Google Search is now grouping some of its Top Stories sections for some queries by topics. This was working on mobile for a while but is now reportedly working for the desktop Top Stories Google Search results. Here is a screenshot for a query on [biden] where Google Search on desktop is showing a topic […]

Google AdSense To Take a look at Chrome’s Topics API

Google announced that starting July 1, 2022, Google AdSense will begin testing the Chrome’s Topics API for ad requests on a “small percentage of traffic.” the Topics API was announced early year as a replacement for the flopped FLoC Google cookie replacement. The Topics API is Google’s latest replacement for third-party cookies and aims to […]

Google Search Turbulence, ProtectedSearch Classification Is Sooner, Plus Extra website positioning & PPC Topics

On March 4th we had more Google search turbulence, a possible Google search ranking update around then. Google’s John Mueller said they sped up the SafeSearch filter classification process. The translated indexing issue we spoke about last week was from the Google Cloud team, ironically. Google said indexing issues can be old spam related but […]

Third-Party Cookies Part-Out And Google Topics Defined

2022 was rumored to bring an end to third-party cookies advertising. Google, Apple, and Microsoft all aim to fundamentally enhance privacy on the internet and improve user experience. Canceling third-party cookies is definitely a step in the right direction. However, it leaves thousands of B2B marketers and ad tech companies hanging.  Today, we are looking […]

Marketer and trending subjects within the US

The Christmas season is a time full of traditions, not only in our private lives, but also in the marketing universe. Platforms and brands are in endless summaries of major events – and Google has joined that trend. Google took advantage of its colossal database of information on everything users search online and launched the […]

Twitter Launches Live Check of Topics in Spaces to Enhance Discovery

After previewing the option under development Last month, Twitter has now started one Live testing of topic tags in spacesmaking it easier for the platform to instantly highlight relevant Spaces chats to interested users, potentially increasing the reach of your audio transmissions. As you can see here, Spaces’ new topic tags can be added in […]