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Google Useful Content material System, Reddit’s Google Deal, Product Variant Schema, Google Ads, Bing Search & Search Quantity Predictions

Google spoke more about the time it takes to recover from a helpful content update and then said it is up to you to decide ice what old content is helpful or not. Google said it wants to reward the best content no matter the site size. Meanwhile, Google will now pay Reddit $60 million […]

How to calculate and put together the gross sales value of a product?

Have you ever heard that price is different from value? When you take advantage of a promotion, you can pay less for a product worth a lot. This is thanks to a discount. It may seem like a simple detail, but knowing how to prepare the sales price for something is a critical task. You […]

Google Testing Price Slider In Search For Product Outcomes

Google is testing a price slider for some queries where narrowing by price may make sense. We’ve seen Google show price range sliders for products and price slider filters for hotels but now we are seeing a price slider filter for normal product results. This was spotted by Shameem Adhikarath who posted a video on […]

Google Search Site Particular Product Category Choice

Google Search can show a browse by category for a specific site when you search for that brand. For example, when you search for [eBay], Google may show you some of the categories the sites has that you can shop for. I am not sure if this is new, but I’ve never seen this before. […]

Your Information to Personalized Product Suggestions in Emails

Most buyers want customized product suggestions when shopping online, making personalization a must-have for ecommerce businesses.  In fact, a Zendesk report shows that 62% of shoppers prefer personalized recommendations to general ones. And 60% can tell when suggestions are customized. By recommending items customers might be interested in, you can significantly enhance engagement, boost conversions, […]

How This Founder Constructed a $5 Million Product Enterprise With No Expertise in Product Improvement

💡 At Buffer, we’ve long aimed to default to transparency, a practice we believe helps eliminate inequality and gives everyone a greater chance of succeeding. Financial transparency is especially close to our hearts, which is why we’re proud to share Open Books, a series of small business owners giving us a peek inside their books […]

Google Ads Performance Max Product Segmentation With Brand & Custom Labels

Google has added to the Performance Max product campaigns within Google Ads brand and custom labels. This allows advertisers the quick ability to segment your products also by brand and custom labels. Thomas Eccel posted about this new feature on X, calling this a “really handy feature.” “Some weeks ago I posted about the “Product […]

Mastering the Artwork of Product Integration in Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best and most popular ways to promote a brand. It’s flexible, with various content formats and strategies companies could explore depending on their marketing goals and target audience. Various brands and businesses see the value of content marketing in their overall strategy, as well. In 2022, 90 percent of […]

Microsoft Bing Search Testing Filters Inside Product Overlays

I do suspect it is used for evaluations for sure. I suspect in some ways it is used in RankBrain, just not as many people think it is. I also suspect everything could have changed or can change in the future. Microsoft may be testing shopping search filters in the product overlay within the search […]

Google Search Product Images Check Clickable Links

Google is testing having links overlay, like watermarks, on product result images. I can replicate this on some browsers, but not all, so it looks like a test where Google can see if searchers are clicking on the link within the image or not. This was spotted first by Khushal Bherwani, who posted about this […]