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Microsoft Bing Exams Web site Favicon On Proper Of Search Consequence Snippet

Microsoft Bing is testing placing a site’s favicon on the right side of the search result title’s snippet. We are accustomed to seeing it on the left for Google search results, we even saw Bing testing it on the left on mouse cursor hover overbut here it is being tested on the right. Shameem Adhikarath […]

Google Updates Web site Transfer Documentation

Google has updated the site move related search documentation this week. It seems like most of the changes were mostly about simplifying things around site moves, removing some content, clarification and so forth. Gary Illyes said on mastodon“just cleaned it up; it collected a lot of potentially unnecessary sentences over the years. And we linked […]

Google Says Embedding Native Critiques On Your Web site Does Not Assist With Internet Rankings

Google’s John Mueller was asked if it would help with web rankings in Google to embed reviews from sites like Facebook, Bing, Google, etc., on your website. John said no, not for web search, and he also warned us about not using structured data on those third-party site reviews. In short, using reviews collected by […]

Google Mentioned You Can Ignore Spammy Hyperlinks Even When The Entire Penalized Website Is Redirected To Yours

Google’s advice since Penguin 4.0 was that you don’t need to disavow links since the links are neutralized (devalues ​​vs demotes) and don’t end up helping or hurting you. In short, Google ignores those links. This even applies to when someone redirects a site that was penalized for spammy links to your site, said John […]

Google Testing New Website Title & Favicon On Desktop Outcomes

Google is already testing the new site name and favicon design change they launched just a couple of weeks ago on the desktop results. This brings the favicon and site name to the desktop search results as Google did for the mobile search results. Here is what this looks like on Google’s desktop search results: […]

Google Has No Documented Restrict For Size Of Web site Title In Search

Google has no documented limit on the number of characters for the new site name as listed in Google Search. In fact, the documentation says “There’s no limit to how long a site name can be” but Google does recommend being concise with the name. Google also said that the site name can be trimmed […]

Google Site Title At Area Degree Whereas Favicons At Area and Subdomain Ranges

Google has clarified its help documentation for the new site name markup and old favicon requirements about if they can be specified on the domain versus sub-domain versus sub-directory levels. In short, site names are supported at the domain level, and not at the subdomain or subdirectory level. Favicons are supported at the domain and […]

Google Spam Replace, Web site Identify & Favicons, New Sponsored Ad Label and Extra

The Google October 2022 spam update, the first spam update since last November, started and was completed within 42 hours, I have more on that in the video. Google also rolled out a new site name and favicon design for the mobile search results, with new structured data. With that, Google has rolled out the […]

Google Rolls Out New Website Title & Favicon Design In Cell Search

Google is officially rolling out the new site name and favicon design, along with the new sponsored ad label, in the mobile search results. Yes, this is something Google has been testing and we saw this coming but now it is official and live in English, French, Japanese, and German regions. The site name will […]

Web page Velocity ​​Would Not Be A Purpose Your Web site Is Eliminated From Google Search

Google’s John Mueller said that your site or page would not be removed from the Google Search results over page speed issues. He was asked about this on Twitter and said no, page speed wouldn’t lead to your site on the basis of page speed. Here are those tweets: No — 🌽〈link href=//johnmu.com rel=canonical 〉🌽 […]