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Google Says Site Title Points Massively Dropped Since Final Algorithm Replace

Danny Sullivan, the Google Search Liaison, said on X that the number of issues and complaints posted in the forums about site names being wrong in Google search has “massively dropped” since the last Google site names update in July. Danny Sullivan said, “Since we released our improvement a few weeks ago, issues reported in […]

Google Site Names Work In All Languages

Google announced that Site names now work in all languages, not just English, French, Japanese, and German. That was really the only change Google announced with Site names yesterday – so there you have it. Google said, “Today, we’re happy to announce that site names are now available in all languages where Google Search is […]

Google Can Difficulty Manual Actions For Any Language A Web site Is Written In

Google’s John Mueller confirmed something that many of you probably already know, Google can penalize a site irrespective of the language it is written in. John said on X, “Manual actions and algorithm changes are independent of the native language of the authors.” John was asked, “does Google penalize sites written by non-native English writers?” […]

Google Will not Notify Website When You Request Content material Eliminated About Your self

Google has the ability for you to request content about you to be removed using the exploitative removal practices from Google. One user was afraid to use it because she thought the site owner would be notified of that request. Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, said that Google does not notify the site in these […]

Google Images With Web site Title, Favicon & Web page Title

Google Images are now showing the site name, favicon and below that, a second line, for the page title that image is sourced from. Previously, Google showed just the image, then Google tested the site name and favicon but now Google is showing it all. Here is a screenshot of what I see in Google […]

Google Posts Revised Site Identify Questions & Resources Thread

With the updates to Site names last week, Google decided to post a revised set of questions, FAQs, resources, support and timelines on the whole Google Search site name bit in the Google Webmaster Help forums. This was posted by John Mueller of Google but also Danny Sullivan of Google is active in these threads. […]

Google Updates Web site Names In Search Outcomes

As Google promised, it has updated its support for site names in its search results. Google said it has expanded support for subdomains and also has compiled more information on how site names work in Google Search. Plus, Google had documented a few workarounds for when it does not work. Google said, “We now support […]

Google Search Volatility, Google News Indexing Bug, Bard, SGE, Website Names, Syndication, INP & Extra

For the original iTunes version, click here. Surprise, surprise, we had another unconfirmed Google search ranking update. Google confirmed it had a Google News indexing bug for weeks and just fixed it at the end of this week. Google Search Console page indexing report, was updated back on June 2nd, causing a ton of confusion. […]

Google To Enhance Web site Names In Search Outcomes Once more

Google is going to release its second batch up improvements for site names in the search results “in the near future,” Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, said. He said this is coming within weeks, not as long a months. Danny Sullivan wrote this on Twitter yesterday, “We’re still working through more improvements to the system […]

These Small Adjustments Grew My Website to 400K Impressions Per Month

When I started my business, I was far from a content strategy or digital marketing expert. I launched BAUCE Magazine with an English degree and a dream: To create a lifestyle site that would help women from disadvantaged backgrounds attain wealth, build their empires, and look good while doing it. So, I just wrote the […]