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Google Search Generative Experience Testing New AI-Generative Snapshot Design

Google is testing a new design and layout for the Google Search Generative Experience AI-generated snapshot answer. The new design bakes the AI answer into the more traditional user interface as opposed to the more colorful interface you expect from the SGE results. This user interface test was spotted by Aleyda Solis, she posted this […]

Google Search Generative Experience Ends For India Ends In February 2024

While we know the Google Search Generative Experience in the United States ends in December 2023, the India and probably Japan rollout ends a few months later in February 2024. Does that mean SGE will roll out fully in the US a few months prior to the full rollout in other countries? When I got […]

Google Search Generative Experience Will get Link Cards Formally

After testing three different formats for links within the Google Search Generative Experience and then pausing that test a few weeks later, Google has officially decided to go with the arrow-down buttons that reveal links to web pages as cards. Google was actually testing this format shortly after the link test ended, so I guess […]

Google Search Generative Experience Drops Hyperlinks In AI-Generated Solutions

Earlier this month, we reported that Google was testing three-different citation and link formats in the Search Generative Experience AI-generated answer. It seems that as of yesterday, Google has pulled back that test and removed the links from those answers. Britney Muller noticed they went away yesterday afternoon and posted about it on Twitter. “Have […]

Google Search Generative Experience Provides Definition Overlay Hyperlinks

Google has added those definition-based contextual links to some of the words placed in the Search Generative Experience answers and results. This is very similar to the featured snippet injected definition links but in this case, you can trigger a conversation in SGE when you ask for more details. Google said that they “will soon […]

Google Search Generative Experience For Internet Browsers

Google’s next step for its Search Generative Experience is SGE while browsing. In Chrome on desktop and in the mobile Google app on iOS and Android, Google SGE can summarize longer web page content for you. Yea, it is similar to Bing Chat’s Edge sidebar feature. Google wrote, “SGE while browsing was specifically designed to […]

Google Search Generative Experience Should not Present For Navigational Queries

Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, said on Twitter that Google probably shouldn’t trigger a Search Generative Experience answer for navigational queries. You can always manually trigger the SGE response, but by default, it probably shouldn’t be generated. Danny Sullivan wrote, “I would expect SGE to only appear if we think it’s helpful, and navigation queries, […]

Google Search Generative Experience From Google Supply Playing cards

It looks like Google recently added a “from Google” card to the Google Search Generative Experience AI-generated answer section. This is when Google sources from its own data, like Google Business Profiles, Merchant Center and other Google-owned properties. Glenn Gabe spotted this and posted on Twitter saying, “I don’t remember seeing this language used in […]

New Google Advert Format In Search Generative Experience Structure

We know Google has demoed some of its ads for the new Google Search Generative Experience but now some are seeing a new ad format in the Search Generative Experience in the wild. Jeannie Hill shared a screenshot of her seeing ads above the AI-generated answer in the Google SGE user interface – she shared […]

Google Search Generative Experience Testing Links In AI-Generated Solutions

It looks like all the negative feedback around the lack of links within the AI-generated answers that Google’s Search Generative Experience generates has made a difference. Google is testing links directly in those answers in the SGE results. We are seeing these links in the form of classic-looking citations, in the form of button overlays […]