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The Expertise Revolution In Email Marketing Campaigns

At some point in your marketing career you will need to write a marketing email to promote material or sell a product. You will spend hours writing the best text and the most striking subject. Send the email and…nothing happens. Incidentally, it may happen that the email is flagged as SPAM by dozens (or hundreds) […]

The 7 Finest Customer Expertise Automation Software program for 2023

What is customer experience automation software? Customer experience automation software aims to streamline and enhance the way businesses interact with their customers. It leverages advanced automation techniques and artificial intelligence to automate and optimize various customer-related processes, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased operational efficiency. This software employs a range of functionalities to […]

Google Search Generative Experience Goes Dwell For Some Searchers

The all new and exciting Google Search Generative Experience is now rolling out as a labs experiment to some early waitlisted users. I should have access by now, but I’m offlineI wrote this yesterday before I was able to play with it (which is why this news is not in my videowhich I recorded earlier […]

Karinna Briseno’s Experience at Buffer

Meet Karinna Briseno, a Technical Advocate at Buffer who redefines success by balancing personal growth, mental health, and career accomplishments. With a four-day workweek, she proves you can have exciting roles, a digital nomad lifestyle, and even time for off-the-grid hobbies. Dive into Karinna’s unique journey at Buffer. Thanks for joining me for Buffer Diaries, […]

Google Reveals Off Ads In Search Generative Experience

Google showcased some additional Google Ads sponsored search ads in the new Google Search Generative Experience yesterday at Google Marketing Live. Google made a point to say these ad positions and features will likely change as Google continues to experiment with this new search experience. When Google first announced the Search Generative Experience (I like […]

Why Google Wants To Encourage Clicks To Publishers In New Search Generative Experience

there is a lot of concern other worry around the new Google Search Generative Experience and how that might impact traffic to content creators, publishers, site owners, and the web as a whole. I get that new things are scary, but I think the concern may be overblown. Why? It comes down to Google’s revenues […]

Google Search Generative Experience, Useful Content material Replace For Hidden Gems, I/O Google Replace, Bing Chat Fashions & Extra I/O

What a crazy week with Google I/O, where Search took the spotlight for the first time in a long time at the event. Google also may have rolled out an unconfirmed search ranking update around the same time as Google I/O. We had Google show off the new Google Search Generative Experience, and I did […]

Google Search Generative Experience – It’s All New AI Search Engine

Google announced a preview, a labs experiment, of its all-new search engine, it is calling Google Search Generative Experience. This is where Google brings in generative AI into the search interface and makes a search interface designed more for a youthful audience. I covered this in great detail on Search engine country so here I […]

Evaluations Replace, Core Local Replace, Web page Expertise, Magi, Sitenames & Extra

While last month’s Google webmaster report was filled with the Google March core update, the product reviews update, Bard, AI, sitenames and more; this month was just as packed. We had the reviews update, a local look at the core update, big updates to the Google ranking system’s document, a new search engine for Google […]

Google Says Web page Expertise Is A Ranking Sign, Not A Ranking System

Google is now saying that page experience, mobile friendliness, page speed, and secure site are ranking “signals” but were never ranking “systems.” “It just meant these weren’t ranking *systems* but instead signals used by other systems,” Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, said this morning on Twitter. The confusion came after Google removed several ranking systems […]