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22 buyer segmentation examples for ecommerce manufacturers

Before we dig deeper into customer segmentation, think of the people in your social circle who proudly claim themselves as Thronies, Whovians, or Narnians.  What’s the best gift you can buy for them? Definitely something that relates to their favorite characters.  For instance, if you have a friend who’s fond of Game of Thrones, you […]

Google Business Profiles Provides Verification Methodology To Add Picture Whereas At Customer Location

Google Business Profiles is adding a verification method for some categories of businesses to make it easier for them to verify their business with Google. This one, you can upload a picture of your vehicle in the local area where you meet your customers. This was spotted by Kevin Pauls who posted on X saying […]

5 Steps to Conduct a Customer Expertise Audit to Scale back CX Friction

There are many reasons why a customer may choose you over a competitor. Quality and price are contributing factors. But they’ll stick with you if you give them a great experience. That means a frictionless purchase, delivery, and after-sales process. It also means effective targeted marketing. How do you know if you’re providing an experience […]

Important Customer Interview Questions for Participating Case Research

Case studies are a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, capable of highlighting your successes and showcasing your ability to deliver results. However, their effectiveness highly depends on the nature of the customer interview questions you ask.  What are the right questions to ask in a case study interview?  The questions will largely depend on […]

6 Customer Service Email Templates That Present Help

In an age where customer comments, reviews, and ratings can easily bring down businesses, excellent customer service is critical for any business looking to succeed. Providing excellent customer support will enhance the company’s reputation and build brand loyalty. One of the most efficient channels for customer support is email. However, crafting a well-written and professional […]

What Is NPS and How To Increase Buyer Loyalty?

In 2023 and beyond, a solid digital marketing campaign that contributes to outstanding customer experience is a must. However, keeping track of your progress requires more than just adhering to proven marketing practices and hoping for the best.  You also need proven metrics to guide your strategies, and your NPS is perhaps one of the […]

How you can Use Email to Increase Retention and Customer Lifetime Worth

Imagine if you could turn your customers into loyal fans who buy from you again and again. Imagine if you could make more money from each customer without spending a dime on ads or new products. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. Focus on two key metrics — retention and customer […]

Advertising Automation for Customer Retention: Keep Customers Coming Again

Customer retention matters — especially right now. But how do you keep your existing customers and bring in new ones and keep up with everything else involved in running your business? Enter automation. Automation lets you: Keep your customer data up-to-date — no manual entry required Track your customers’ purchase behavior and engagement Build tiered […]

Efficient Win-Again Methods: Rekindling Buyer Relationships

Building and maintaining connections is paramount in the vast business world. This is especially true for marketers and solopreneurs. But what happens when those connections—your customers—begin to fade away? Enter “win-back strategies.” These strategies are designed to rekindle relationships with customers who’ve drifted apart from your brand. Think of it like catching up with an […]

Google Ads Testing Paid Buyer Help Choices

Google is testing a paid version of customer support for its advertisers who use Google Ads. Google said this is a “paid pilot” where its “smallest customers can receive specialized, one-on-one support, tailored to their specific needs.” Google did not post anything about this on their blog or support channels, but a Google spokesperson emailed […]