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Google March Core & Spam Updates, Handbook Actions, Spam Insurance policies, Bing Webmaster Tools, Deep Search, Paid Search & Extra

For the original iTunes version, click here. It was a busy week between Google releasing the Google March 2024 core update, which is supposed to be one of the largest core updates Google has ever released. Google also released a March 2024 spam update. Google updates a number of its spam policies while dishing out […]

How To Become A Extremely Paid Copywriter (w/o expertise)

How Much Should You Charge Per Hour As A Freelance Copywriter? When it comes to how much exactly you should be charging, there’s no right answer. When in doubt, charge at the lower end of the median when you’re a beginner, and raise your prices from there as you get more experience. According to Payscale, […]

5 Suggestions for Turning Your Social Media Following Right into a Paid Membership Group

When I was building a social media audience for an e-commerce company I ran a few years ago, the go-to options for monetizing that audience never appealed to me. It felt like advertising or brand sponsorships would water down the content. Plus, I never liked the idea of monetizing an audience for the sake of […]

Google SGE Whereas Searching, AI Content material, Content material Pruning, Google Ads Paid Help & Extra

For the original iTunes version, click here. Google launched some new Search Generative Experience features, like SGE while browsing and definitions in the SGE answers. Google seems to have stopped testing displaying links in SGE AI-generated answers. Google said navigational queries shouldn’t trigger an SGE answer. Google said if you are using AI to write […]

Google Ads Testing Paid Buyer Help Choices

Google is testing a paid version of customer support for its advertisers who use Google Ads. Google said this is a “paid pilot” where its “smallest customers can receive specialized, one-on-one support, tailored to their specific needs.” Google did not post anything about this on their blog or support channels, but a Google spokesperson emailed […]

10 Best Landing Page Builders in 2023 (Free & Paid)

An effective landing page can make all the difference for marketers looking to convert website visitors into leads and loyal customers. But though landing pages sound like a quick solution to low conversion rates, creating one from scratch can be challenging, even for the more experienced marketers.  You require extensive coding knowledge, design expertise, and […]

Get Paid to Listen and Overview Music on MusicGateway

Music is everywhere. You probably love the laid-back vibes you get from the local coffee shop that plays relaxed indie tunes on repeat; or the upbeat music at the gym that motivates you to keep pushing yourself. But did you know that these playlists are carefully curated to give you this very experience? There are […]

Organic vs paid social media

If you’re getting started with social media for your business, you might wonder whether to focus on organic or paid social media. The short answer is you should use both, as both help you accomplish different goals: paid social media can help you expand your reach and capture new leads, while organic social media can […]

How can paid media enhance model consciousness in 2023?

How can paid media boost brand awareness in 2023? In today’s digital age social media has become an integral part of our lives, from instagram reels to facebook posts, we are now constantly engaged in content creation and content consumption. While organic reach on SM platforms is incredible, paid social media ads are still valuable […]

Elon Musk Says that Paid Social Media Will Change into ‘The Solely Social Media That Issues’

With Twitter outlining its plan to remove ‘legacy’ verification checkmarks in the app this week – ie users that are not paying for a blue tick – it’s worth reflecting on Twitter chief Elon Musk’s plan for his revised subscription offering, which he sees as a means to address the company’s challenges with both bots […]