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Google Added GTIN12 Property To Product Structured Information

Google has the gtin12 property to the Google product structured data documentation in its help center. Note, the gtin12 property was always supported but Google just didn’t have it in the documentation until today. Google also clarified that you can use the generic gtin property for all GTINs, but Google said it recommends that you […]

Google Clarifies Product Structured Information GTIN Values ​​Should Be In Numerical Form

Google has updated its product structured data document to specify that the GTIN value must be presented is in numerical form. Google said it does not support the URL form for GTINs. You can see the update in this location of this Google help document where Google added “Make sure the GTIN value is in […]

Sarah Burke On Data Analytics and Variations Between GA 4 & UA3

Sarah Burke is the Data and Analytics Manager at Cypress North, she has been with the company for seven years, starting as a digital marketing manager. Prior to that, she worked for two years at LocalEdge. We discussed some of the early SEO strategies used when she was doing SEO at her previous job. Her […]

Google Ads Mechanically Will Change Some Conversion Actions To Data Pushed Attribution

Google is emailing some Google Ads advertisers that they will automatically move some of their conversion actions to data-driven attribution. Google announced data-driven attribution back in September 2021 when it first said it will be moving away from last-click. Data-driven attribution gives credit for conversions based on how people engage with your various ads and […]

Data Security in Marketing Automation

Home Business Magazine Online Did you know that malicious actors are increasingly targeting marketing automation platforms to steal data and disrupt business operations? As a marketer, it is critical to understand the security risks associated with marketing automation and taking steps to protect your organization. In this blog post, we discuss the modern threats that […]

COVID circumstances and deaths are spiking in nursing houses, AARP knowledge exhibits

Published 2022-07-21 15:00 3:00 July 21, 2022 pm More than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic — and amid another nationwide surge — nursing home residents are still disproportionately at risk for severe illness and death, according to new numbers from AARP.  One in 35 nursing home residents tested positive for COVID-19 in June, a 27 […]

Bring in much more information to ActiveCampaign with these new Zapier Actions and Triggers. 

Zapier lets you connect ActiveCampaign with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required. Our connection makes it so you never have to import or export contact information again. Connections — called Zaps — are set up with no coding skills […]

ZoomInfo discovers new area of interest in its information

ZoomInfo is aiming to compete with LinkedIn by using its massive databases and AI tools to find job candidates for any business’ open positions. The Vancouver-based tech company’s new software, called Talent- OS, was sparked by its sales marketing database clients using the data to try to find workers — something for which the data […]

Meta Launches New Authorized Proceedings In opposition to Knowledge Scraping, Serving to to Set up Precedent Round Misuse

meta has launched two new legal actions against data scraping siteswhich have extracted user data from both Instagram and Facebook for unauthorized use, while it’s also seen a new victory in its battle against platform misusewith a court ruling in its favor in another case related to clone sites. First off, on its new actions […]

The High 6 website positioning Challenges Manufacturers Are Going through In 2022, According To HubSpot Knowledge

Google’s algorithm is changing very often, so every marketer that works with SEO must pay attention to those updates in order to change their digital strategies or create new ones. It makes many companies ask themselves which SEO challenges they will find. Recently, HubSpot has published a report on web traffic and analytics to know […]