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Google Confirms Ads Advertiser Console Current Information Unaccessible

Google Ads posted an issue where the Google Ads advertiser console may not be showing recent data. Google wrote yesterday, “The affected users are able to access Google Ads, but may not have access to the most recent data.” Truth is, initially, Google posted an issue about errors, latency issues and other issues and not […]

Google August Core Replace, Unconfirmed Updates, Bing Chat Knowledge Not In Webmaster Tools & Extra

This week I broadcast from Chicago where I cover the latest confirmed Google update, the Google August 2023 core update that rolled out a few days after that big unconfirmed update from the weekend. Google said a page does not need to be in the top ten results to be a featured snippet. Google said […]

Bing Webmaster Tools Nonetheless Does Not Have Bing Chat Information

Three months after Microsoft Bing promised to add Bing Chat data in Bing Webmaster Tools, we still do not have it. Yesterday I asked the Bing team, once again, for an update on this release, and I initially received a “nothing more to share” statement, so I wrote this up at Search Engine Land, saying […]

Federal Investigators Were Granted Access To Trump’s Twitter Data And DMs Earlier This Year After Special Counsel Warrant

Federal Investigators Were Granted Access To Trump’s Twitter Data And DMs Earlier This Year After Special Counsel Warrant by Adam | August 16, 2023 [unable to retrieve full-text content] The Federal Investigators accessed troves upon troves on data about the former President Donald Trump via X – formerly Twitter – including his draft posts and […]

Diving into the most recent 4-day knowledge

Your research is going to help you make a better case for the 4DWW to your boss and co-workers. It’ll also show you how to implement it without losing your business money (very important!).  But it can be hard to do all the research yourself — especially with all of the studies, articles, podcasts, blog […]

Google’s Universal Analytics 3 Nonetheless Gathering Information For Most

Google’s Universal Analytics 3, which was supposed to stop collecting data over a week ago, on July 1st, is still collecting data for most, if not all, UA3 profiles. Every UA3 profile I have access to that is still properly set up, it still collecting data. I even posted a poll last week asking if […]

Knowledge assortment made straightforward! Construct kinds that captivate and gasoline the dynamic buyer journey

At ActiveCampaign, we understand the significance of gathering and organizing contact information effectively. With our user-friendly forms builder, you can effortlessly create online forms without the need for coding expertise. Our forms builder has been widely adopted by businesses, enabling them to design a wide range of forms including contact forms, surveys, order forms, and […]

Meta Publishes Report on the Evolution of Data Privacy Guidelines

Meta has released a report on the evolution of data privacy rules in digital environments. Produced in partnership with Deloitte, the study “A Marketer’s Guide to Privacy-Enhancing Technologies” provides details on current demands and possible changes related to user privacy. In addition, it provides suggestions on how companies can prepare for the new data sharing […]

Unleash the ability of knowledge with Sales Engagement Automation Reporting

Data is the fuel that drives sales success, and with Sales Engagement Automation, you gain access to a wealth of valuable data and analytics for your automated 1:1 email communications. Our platform provides detailed reporting that offers deep insights into prospect interactions, email open rates, click-through rates, reply and bounce rates. Let data guide your […]

Google Ads Outage Might Consequence In Loss Of Entry To Latest Information

As of 7:13 am ET this morning, Google has confirmed an issue with Google Ads where advertisers “may not have access to the most recent data,” Google said. Google posted the issue just now, saying,” We’re investigating reports of an issue with Google Ads. We will provide more information shortly. The affected users are able […]