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Glenn Gabe On Fixing Websites Hit By Google Core Updates, Links & Disavow

In part one with Glenn Gabe, we talk about Bing chat and Google Bard and also the use of AI-generated content, in part two we dig more into EEAT and how AI tools may replace us all. In the previous video with Glenn Gabe we spoke about Google core updates, and here we talk about […]

Glenn Gabe On Google Broad Core Updates

In part one with Glenn Gabe, we talk about Bing chat and Google Bard and also the use of AI-generated content, in part two we dig more into EEAT and how AI tools may replace us all. Now we move into Google broad core updates. Glenn actually called these updates Phantom updates before Google called […]

Google Critiques Replace, Google Core Replace’s Native Search Affect, Webspam Report, Generative AI Coming To Google Search, Bard Updates & Bing Chat Plugins

This week in search, we covered the new April 2023 reviews update that goes beyond just product reviews. We also covered the possible impact the Google March 2023 broad core update had on local search. Google’s John Mueller said they don’t launch algorithm updates and say they got everything wrong. Google released its web spam […]

Google Has Not Seen Rating Updates The place They Received Every thing Fallacious

Google’s John Mueller was asked about his feelings on the Google March 2023 broad core update and if he can honestly not say that the “update messed the SERP a bit up.” John responded saying, “I’ve seen a ranking update landing as “oops, everything is wrong.” There’s always room for improvement, I don’t think the […]

LinkedIn Updates Seeokay To Increase Engagement. What Modifications For Manufacturers And Entrepreneurs?

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network, is constantly seeking ways to improve the user experience and increase engagement on the platform. Many updates have been launched between 2022 and this year, such as “Collaborative Articles,” which aims to increase engagement using AI, SEO toolsand improved search results. And it continues to improve. For the […]

Google And Meta Have Introduced New Features And Updates To Enhance Your Advert Performance

Recently, the online advertising giants, Google and Meta (owner of Facebook and Instagram) released new updates related to their ad platforms. These updates promise to optimize advertisers’ work and improve their performance and data analysis in several ways. In this article, I’ll talk about each update and how you can take advantage of these updates […]

Sam Michelson On Google Algorithm Updates With Reputation Administration

In part one, we spoke about who Sam Michelson is and his business development techniques. In part two, we dove into CRM software and how they use it, including looking at a new piece of software for partner management. Then in part threewe go into pricing your services, and in part four, we talk about […]

Google Native Posts Updates & Exams

Google is testing a few interfaces for the Google Posts and updates in the local interfaces. One is to overlay the Google updates in the images for the business listing and the other is to show a “more posts” button in the Google Posts overlay in Google Search. Khushal Bherwani noticed the Google updates/posts text […]

Google Product Critiques Volatility, Bing AI Chat Updates, Google Bard & AI, Google Ads and Extra

This week we saw a lot more volatility from the Google Product reviews update, one last weekend and the other around March 1st. I also posted the big Google webmaster report for March 2023. Bing AI chat now lets you set the tone of the responses. Bing Chat also launched version 96, which improves hallucinations […]

Google Updates Web site Transfer Documentation

Google has updated the site move related search documentation this week. It seems like most of the changes were mostly about simplifying things around site moves, removing some content, clarification and so forth. Gary Illyes said on mastodon“just cleaned it up; it collected a lot of potentially unnecessary sentences over the years. And we linked […]