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Google Drops Web Stories From Images & Carousel View & Updates Function Availability

Google has updated its Web Stories documentation to explain where Web Stories can show in search. Google said Web Stories no longer will show up within Google Image Search, the carousel view and made some changes to where these Web Stories show within Google Search. Google wrote, “Web Stories don’t appear in Google Images anymore, […]

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View? We Examined It!

Ever wonder how much your average cat video generates on YouTube? Or maybe, whether or not you can pay your rent with your ukulele cover of Baby Shark? Before you quit your day job, you’ve got to answer the question, “How much does YouTube pay per view?” Get ready because we’ve taken it upon ourselves […]

Google Store In Mountain View, California Opening October twelfth

A new Google Store is opening up at the GooglePlex, the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. It is opening in about week on October 12th. I learned this from a photo I found on Instagram. This post is part of our daily Search Photo of the Day column, where we find fun and interesting […]

Google Testing Listing View For Native Service Adverts

Google is testing showing two local service ads in a list view, a change from it showing three local service ads in a carousel format. Google actually switched to three LSAs a year or so ago, up from two, and is now back to testing two. This test was spotted by Len Raleigh on Twitter, […]

Google Business Profile View Merchandise Search Dashboard For Merchant Center

Google now can show you a Merchant Center with Google Business Profile status dashboard in the search results. This is similar to how Google shows you local business profile in searchalso similar to the Search Console dashboard other Google Ads summary box in search. This was spotted by Shameem Adhikarath and posted on Twitterhe said, […]

Google Maps 360 View For Enterprise Profiles

Google Maps can now show 360 views of the outside of some famous buildings and places. This gives some sort of aerial 360 view of the building in a video-like format on Google Maps. I assume this works for over buildings, can you find others? Punit spotted this on Twitter who shared the GIF below, […]

Twitter Exams Up to date Format for Tweet View Depend Show

Okay, everyone hates the new tweet view counts – or not so much hates them, as a concept, but hates the way that they’re displayed, which currently produces these types of double line stat summaries. People also don’t like that views are displayed first, at the left of the tweet data display, and Elon himself […]

Microsoft Advertising Adds Flyer Extensions, Retract & Restate Conversions, Ad Schedule Calendar View & Extra

Microsoft posted the monthly Microsoft Advertising news and new features and announced a bunch of new stuff. The new features include new flyer extensions, update (restate) the revenue value associated or delete (retract) the conversion, a new calendar view for ad scheduling and more. Flyer extensions Flyer Extensions are now available globally within Microsoft Advertising! […]

Twitter Assessments New Tweet View Rely Show to Higher Spotlight Content material Attain

Not entirely sure about this. Today, Twitter has launched a public test of a new ‘Views’ count on some users’ tweetswhich displays the total number of times that each of your tweets was seen in the app. As you can see in this example, posted by @chimponseyin the expanded tweet activity display, some users are […]

Google Search Displaying View In 3D For Some Wayfair Listings

Google first demonstrated view in 3D augmented reality images in the Google Search results back in 2019 and since then we have seen some retailers test it out and Google also use it for cute animals and other objects. But now it seems some core retailers, like Wayfair, is showing some of their products in […]