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Microsoft Advertising To Add Copilot To Create Ads & New Compare & Decide Bing Chat Ads

At the Microsoft AI event last Thursday, Microsoft also announced new AI-based ad features in the upcoming months. This includes Copilot, which will help you create ads in Microsoft Advertising, and a new ad format exclusive to the Bing Chat interface named compare and decide ads. As a reminder, Kya Sainsbury-Carter, the Corporate Vice President […]

Microsoft Advertising Introduced Adverts For AI-Powered Chat

Microsoft Advertising announced a new ad solution for AI-powered chat experiences and solutions. Microsoft said this is a new way to help monetize online services, apps, and publishers monetize chat platforms. To be honest, it is not 100% clear what this ad solution will look like or how to use it. But Microsoft wants everyone […]

Microsoft Advertising Testing Third-party Authorities Providers Adverts

Microsoft announced it would be testing the ability of third parties who are delegated or authorized providers to advertise for certain government services with review and pre-approval. This is for US-based advertisers with the Microsoft Advertising Search Network and Microsoft Audience Network. It is supported for these approved government services: Recreational passes/licenses including but not […]

Pinterest Supplies New Recommendations on Efficient Pin Promoting Approaches

Pinterest has provided some new pin ad tipsbased on various brand lift studies, incorporating feedback from over 120,000 Pinners. The data shows that taking a multi-format, multi-stage approach can provide bigger returns, with brands that focus on awareness, consideration, and conversion seeing, on average, three times higher conversion rates than those aligned with just one […]

9 Varieties of Facebook Ads to Add to Your Social Media Promoting Combine [Infographic]

Are you looking for ways to improve your social media marketing? Want to learn the different types of Facebook Ads you can add to your advertising mix? The team from Giraffe social media share their Facebook Ads tips in this infographic. Here are a few that make their list: growth ads traffic ads promo posts […]

What Promoting Trends Will Super Bowl 2023 Deliver?

Every year, tens of millions of viewers across the country and around the world look forward to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the annual playoff game of the National Football League (NFL). It is the final game of the season and is used to determine the champion of the competition for that year. […]

Top Promoting Developments & Methods in 2023

2022 was a challenging year for everyone and no less for advertisers. While user behavior online is continually shifting – in good times and bad – one thing always stays the same: people are wary of ads, and many have developed banner blindness. What does this mean? When a user senses an ad interrupting their […]

Microsoft Advertising Verification Required For Financial Services Advertisers In UK

Microsoft announced that if you do financial service ads in its network, like on Bing Search, in the UK, you will need to be verified in early 2023. “Starting early 2023, we’ll allow only advertisers duly authorized by the UK Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA) to present regulated financial promotions in the UK,” wrote. Advertisers […]

Microsoft Advertising Adds Flyer Extensions, Retract & Restate Conversions, Ad Schedule Calendar View & Extra

Microsoft posted the monthly Microsoft Advertising news and new features and announced a bunch of new stuff. The new features include new flyer extensions, update (restate) the revenue value associated or delete (retract) the conversion, a new calendar view for ad scheduling and more. Flyer extensions Flyer Extensions are now available globally within Microsoft Advertising! […]

A Easy Information to Social Media Advertising, Plus Examples & Ideas

There are currently 4.62 billion social media users worldwide—over half of the world’s population. You can reach wider audiences and grow your business within this huge pool of people. But in the busy world of social media, getting to your prospects is easier said than done. This is where social media advertising can help.  When […]