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Google Search Snippet Mentioned In Function

Google seems to be testing a new Google Search snippet carousel titled “mentioned in.” Under the main search result snippet, you can expand a new section called “mentioned in” that loads a carousel of snippets that show you what other websites this website is mentioned in. This was spotted by Brodie Clark who posted this […]

Google Business Profiles Food Ordering Characteristic

Google has updated the Google Business Profile food ordering section with more options and settings. This food ordering feature was in the old Google My Business section but was updated recently in the new Google Business Profile interface. Claudia Tomina posted this on Twitter saying, “Food ordering now provides additional options. Restaurants can now set […]

Google Search Practice Speaking Function

Google Search seems to be testing a new feature to help searchers learn to speak in English (and maybe other languages). It is called Practice Speaking and can be triggered in some countries, such as India. Here is a GIF of this feature in action, which was shared with me by Khushal Bherwani on Twitter: […]

Bing Chat To Add Characteristic To Not Search The Internet

Bing Chat will be adding a feature to tell it not to search the web for an answer. Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Bing Search at Microsoft, said on Twitter“#nosearch is coming” when asked if Bing Chat can exclude web search results from the answers. So in the future, you should be able to tell […]

Google Rolling Out Devoted Perspectives Characteristic

Google may be rolling out the dedicated “perspectives” filter, not just the perspectives filter that rolled out a couple of weeks ago, but the perspectives carousel. This is what Google announced at Google I/O where they said, “You can also access this content through a dedicated Perspectives section that may appear on the results page, […]

How to make use of the Advanced Search function

Are you looking for a way to find specific groups of contacts in your ActiveCampaign account? Do you want to pull custom searches to target your audience and optimize your marketing campaigns? If so, the Advanced Search feature in ActiveCampaign just became your new best friend! What does the Advanced Search feature do? The Advanced […]

Google Search Pronunciation Features Practice Function

Several years ago, Google Search added a search feature to help you pronounce words. Google Search back in 2019 added to that feature a way to practice your pronunciation directly in the search results. Now there is a “practice” button that will turn on your device’s microphone and let Google Search hear you as you […]

Google Business Profiles Copy Menu Characteristic

Google Business Profiles seems to allow some restaurants to copy a menu that it thinks it pulled for that restaurant from another source and use that copied menu to start to build your own menu in Google Business Profiles. Lluc B. Penycate spotted this feature the other day and posted about it on Twitter asking […]

Google Business Profiles New Handle Menu Characteristic

Google Business Profiles seems to have launched a new manage menu feature for restaurants in the web version of the business profile tool. It opens a “your menu on Google” box that lets you either manually build your custom menu in Google or link to your third-party menu partner. Here is a screenshot from Tim […]

A New Refresh Function Has Come to TikTookay’s ‘For You’ Feed

If you’re a frequent TikTok user, then you already know how addictive the “For You” feed can be when you’re looking to kill some time. While the “Following” feed is a terrific way to catch up with friends and preferred creators, “For You” is where avid TikTok users find new content to love, all recommended […]