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Google Testing New Search & Native Snippet Mix

Google may be testing a new search result snippet that blends a typical search result snippet with a local snippet result. This one has the favicon, sitename, URL, title and image but it removed the description portion and replaced it with local features, like map, directions, call and hours. This was spotted by Manish Chauhan […]

Google Search Translation Provides Search For This On Google

In Google Search you can trigger the Google Translation widget. But now, Google is testing a G icon to let you “search for this on Google” from that translate widget in Google Search. I mean, you are already searching for it in Google Search but for the translation. Google is saying, now let me search […]

Google Cellular Search Information Panels Extra Visible & Interactive

In July other Oct of last year, we covered some interactive and visual knowledge panels in Google Search, both on mobile and desktop search. This might be a new variation of that, where Google has an image of the person and then overlays related people and their height on this panel. This one was spotted […]

Google Feb Product Assessment Replace Accomplished, New Google Desktop Search Design, Discover & Useful Content material Replace, Bard & Bing Chat And Extra…

It’s time for the SEO video recap; in this episode, I talk about how the February 2023 Google product reviews update finished rolling out on March 7th. I spoke about more flutters we saw this past weekend with the Google Search results. Google has launched the new site name, favicon, and sponsored ad label for […]

Google Search Ranking Fluctuations Proceed Via Weekend

Since the Google February 2023 product reviews update on February 21st, we’ve been seeing some pretty big swings in the search results – a lot of volatility, more than the norm. And that continued through the past weekend. As a reminder, we reported on very large fluctuations on March 1stspikes on February 25th and now […]

Microsoft Bing Exams Web site Favicon On Proper Of Search Consequence Snippet

Microsoft Bing is testing placing a site’s favicon on the right side of the search result title’s snippet. We are accustomed to seeing it on the left for Google search results, we even saw Bing testing it on the left on mouse cursor hover overbut here it is being tested on the right. Shameem Adhikarath […]

Google Proclaims New Options For AI-Powered Search Ads. How Will This Profit Entrepreneurs?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Google Ads is nothing new. For years, the platform has been replacing manual processes and introducing AI to improve the performance of its clients’ ads. Examples of this are Smart Bidding, Responsive Ads, and various other improvements implemented on the platform to understand the target audience of campaigns and deliver better […]

Google Search Rating Algorithmic Volatility On March 1st (Product Evaluations Update)

I am seeing a much bigger spike in chatter within the SEO community this morning around another Google search ranking algorithm update. It might be related to the ongoing Google February 2023 product reviews update or it might be something new. Right now, the tools and the chatter within the community are pretty extreme. The […]

How The New AI-integrated Search Works

We have already announced here the promises of Bing improvements with ChatGPT, and now the technology has finally been released. The Official Microsoft Blog recently announced the new Bing search with integrated artificial intelligence. We already know what ChatGPT is and the power it has in search engines, so it’s time to discover how it […]