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Bing Chat Testing Image Recognition & Visible Search

Microsoft is testing image recognition and visual search features in Bing Chat. This is where you can upload an image and ask Bing Chat questions around that image. Bing has this for Bing Image search, it is named visual search. Right now, Bing’s CEO Mikhail Parakhin said it is being tested on 5% of all […]

Google Enterprise Profiles Testing Picture Slider

Google is testing adding an image carousel directly in the business profile panel. So at the top of a business profile listing you see these business images. In this test, you can swipe the images to see more. This was spotted by Mike who posted a few photos of it in the Local Search Forum. […]

Bing Chat Image Creator Now Works In Creative Mode

A few days ago, I reported that Bing Chat has now integrated the Bing Image Creator tool. But the truth is, it was not integrated, not until at least after 4:30 pm ET yesterday, March 23rd. It now works in Bing Chat under “Creative” mode. I have been trying it every few hours since it […]

Google Bard Launched, Bing Chat Image Creation, Generative AI Insurance policies & Extra web optimization/SEM Information

The Google broad core update for March is not done yet, and we see tremors. Google started to roll out Bard, and while it’s fast and has a sleek interface, it was a bit underwhelming when compared to Bing Chat. In fact, Bard is unlikely to link to sources and content creators too often. Even […]

Microsoft Bing Chat With Bing Image Creator

Microsoft has announced that Bing Chat in “creative” mode can now create images based on you inputting a description of what you want it to create or referencing another image. Jordi Ribas from Microsoft said on Twitter“now you can create an image by simply using your own words to describe the picture you want to […]

Microsoft Bing Updates Webmaster Tips For Conversation Mode and Bing Image Creator

Microsoft has updated the Bing webmaster guidelines to support the updates with the new co-pilot, AI, ChatGPT-powered version of Bing. Bing updated the answers section and added a new section for “conversation mode and Bing image creator.” The current Bing webmaster guidelines is here and the section Bing updates was around here – it should […]

How to Blur the Background of an Image

Home Business Magazine Online Blurring the background is a standard technique used in images to make them look more professional. It’s also used to hide distracting elements in images. Some think blurred backgrounds can make your image look sleeker and more sophisticated. Others use it to cover up mistakes or poor Photoshop skills. You can […]

Microsoft Bing Testing Animated Adverts In Picture Search

Microsoft Bing seems to be testing animated ads in the Bing image search interface. The ads look like an interactive banner ad of some sort, based on your query. Frank Sandtmann, a German-based SEO, sent me a GIF of this in action. Please note that I cannot replicate this but here is the GIF that […]

7 Tools to Assist You Remove the Background from an Picture

Wondering how to remove backgrounds from images? Whether you’re a business owner looking to Spice up your product photosor a blogger who wants to create beautiful header images for your next post, there are plenty of tools available to help you get the job done. Keep reading to explore seven online tools that can help […]