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Core Ideas and How to Conduct One

In the fast-paced realm of digital marketing, understanding and outperforming your competitors is not just an advantage, it’s a necessity. Competitor analysis, a critical skill for any marketer, provides insights that can be the difference between leading the market or lagging behind. This guide, rooted in Backlinko’s expert approach to digital marketing strategies, delves into […]

Google Would not Say Core Web Vitals Are A Search Rating Issue

Google’s Danny Sullivan said on Friday, “We don’t confirm any of the things [page experience or core web vitals] as a direct ranking factor.” He added, “But to reiterate we look at many things not one thing and even the one thing might not be a direct ranking factor.” “It doesn’t say it is a […]

Google Core Web Vitals To Get Interaction to Next Paint On March 12

Google has announced that March 12, 2024 will be the official date for when Interaction to Next Paint (INP) will replace First Input Delay (FID) as a Core Web Vital metric. We knew it was coming in March but we didn’t have the specific date until now. Google wrote: We’re announcing that INP will officially […]

Google Core Replace Accomplished Adopted By Intense Search Volatility, New Structured Knowledge, Google Ads Head Steps Down & 20 Years Masking Search

Google’s November 2023 core update finally finished rolling out this week, and it was the longest core update rollout. Then, a day later, we saw more intense Google search ranking volatility and chatter. Google added new organization structured data and also added a new profile page and discussion forum structured data, both with Search Console […]

Google November 2023 Core Update Totally Rolled Out

After just under 26 days, the Google November 2023 core update is finally done rolling out. It took almost two weeks longer to roll out than the average core update and rolled out during the huge shopping days on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, also overlapping the November 2023 reviews update. So it was a […]

Most SEOs Consider Google’s November Core & Evaluations Updates Will Full In December

The Google November 2023 core update and Google November 2023 reviews update are still both rolling out, and we have no estimated time of when they will finish rolling out. Both are well past their estimated two-week rollout period. I ran a poll yesterday asking SEOs when they think it will be done, and most […]

No Estimate To Share For Completion Of Google November Core & Opinions Updates

Many of you are wondering when the Google November 2023 core update and Google November 2023 reviews update will be completed. Normally these updates finish about two weeks after they start but now the core update is 22 days since it started and the reviews update is now 16 days since it rolled out. I […]

Google Core & Evaluations Replace Not Finished, Google Simple Search, Date Points, Search Console Report Bugs, Follower Counts & Extra

This week was much slower than the previous weeks, and yes, the core and reviews updates are not yet completed, and Google has no estimate for us on when they will be completed. Google seems to be testing a “Simple Search” feature. Google may still be getting the dates it shows for some search results […]

Core & Spam Updates, SGE Lite, Cellular First Indexing & Extra

Here is the big Google webmaster report for November 2023 and it is a big one. We had three confirmed updates; the November 2023 core update and a couple weeks later the October 2023 core update and also the October 2023 spam update. And there was a bug with the core update that led to […]

The Google November 2023 Core Update Is Tremendous Unstable

The Google November 2023 core update that started to rollout on November 2nd, Thursday afternoon, has been incredibly volatile, heated and in a very short time. We saw the fluctuations maybe even before Google announced the update and it has been super heated since, throughout this weekend. This update came as a surprise to many […]