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Google Says Rich Outcomes Guide Actions Can Lead To Removing Of Rich Outcomes & Broader Spam Penalties

Google’s Danny Sullivan said that not only can a rich result manual action result in the removal of your rich results from displaying in Google Search but also it can lead to a wider “broader spam manual action that involves ranking.” Just for some history in 2015 John Mueller of Google said a rich results […]

Google URL Inspection API, Handbook Actions Galore, New Partner Programs, Earnings, MUM, Web3 & Extra

I posted the monthly Google webmaster report for February 2022, so check it out. Google released a new API for the Google URL Inspection Tool – it’s exciting. Google seems to be clearing out the manual action backlog. Google also issued a slew of new manual actions for Google News and Google Discover. Some are […]

Google Handbook Actions Backlog Clearing Out?

Earlier this month we reported that Google said there is a backlog with the manual actions in the queue, some as far back as over several months ago. Well, I am seeing some reports from SEOs that some of those manual actions are now being processed. On January 10th as we originally reported, Danny Sullivan […]

Google 1/11 Search Algorithm Replace, Handbook Actions Delayed, Core Replace Specifics and Microsoft Bing IndexNow Information

We had our first unconfirmed update of the Google search ranking algorithm in 2022, it was on January 11th. Google admitted that there is a backlog in responding to manual actions. Google said they want to share more details about core updates, but aren’t allowed to. IndexNow co-sharing URLs are now fully live between Microsoft […]

Google Guide Actions with backlog and delayed responses

Danny Sullivan of Google confirmed on Twitter that there is or has been a backlog of manual actions by Google. Google reacted slowly and with delay to these manual actions, but is working off the backlog. Danny said, “We apologize for the delay in processing the re-exam. We were behind and have now resolved the […]