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Google Weekend Updates, EAT For All Queries, Google Updates Documented, New Spam Coverage & Extra

Google probably did yet another weekend search ranking algorithm update, I see a pattern here. Google’s Hyung-Jin Kim said EAT is used for all queries, not just YMYL. Google documented its notable search updates, they now call systems, even some of the retired ones. Google has a new spam policy for those who circumvent other […]

Many SEOs Nonetheless Guest Publish For website positioning Causes

A poll by Marie Haynes shows that many SEOs are still doing guest posting for SEO purposes. The poll had over 400 responses and only 44% of those who responded said they do not use guest posting for SEO reasons. 32% said they do and 12% said they do on occasion. Here is the poll […]

Google Discover Modifications “More Suggestions” Label To “More Merchandise”

In March, I wrote a post about a button labeled “More recommendations” being surfaced in Google Discover. The call to action would show up after researching products in Google Search and would lead to a “Task Dashboard” containing a boatload of content that helps users continue researching products (including articles, video, product comparison functionality, and […]

Google Key Moments SeekToAction Markup Helps These 12 Languages

Google key moments is a feature where Google Search highlights the sections in a video through a chapter-like interface. Google added support SeekToAction markup for videos on your site, so that you can use the SeekToAction markup to communicate the key moments (timestamps) Google shows for videos in Google Search in 2021. Now, Google has […]

Google Maps Is Testing A New Sidebar Navigation

Google is testing a new thin sidebar navigation on the left side of the maps interface. The sidebar has the Google Maps pin icon, then the explore tab, then trips, saved places, contribute and a more icon. This was spotted by Punit on Twitter other mastodon where he posted a video of this new sidebar […]

Google AdSense Rewarded Ad Gate Beta Program

Google AdSense is testing a new ad type for publishers named Rewarded Ad Gate beta program. This program is something Google has in AdMob and basically lets you serve some of your more “loyal” visitors with longer-form ads, even playable ads. This was posted by a publisher in the WebmasterWorld forums and I really cannot […]

Google Paperwork Its Ranking Updates As Systems; Labeling Live Or Archived Nodesk Algorithms

Google has published a new document named a guide to Google search ranking system. That document outlines the “notable” ranking updates that are currently live and running for Google Search and also some of the historical updates that are either no longer in use or incorporated into other algorithms. So, Google’s Danny Sullivan said these […]

Google Says EAT Applies To Each Single Question

Out of the Hyung Jin Kim interview from SMX Next last week, we not only got the scoop on the Coati algorithm but also Hyung-Jin Kim told us that EAT is used in every single query, it is applied to everything Google Search does. “EAT is a core part of our metrics,” he added, explaining […]

Jeremy Meindl On Manipulating Google Search & By no means Being Caught

Jeremy Meindl is the co-founder of Target IQ and we spoke about the hotel we are in, its history of it, and the fire he risked his life showing how you cannot burn yourself. Jeremy spoke about his history in a super transparent way and how he got into spam and then became a professional […]