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Google Merchant Center Product Studio With Themed Templates

Google Merchant Center has added new themed templates to the Product Studio. The new theme was for St. Patrick’s Day, which is coming up this Sunday. But Google will soon add Easter, Spring, and Mother’s Day themed templates to the Product Studio as well. Google announced “Product Studio is rolling out seasonal themed templates, and […]

Templates and Examples from 7 Writers

You’ve probably received dozens of spammy, impersonal direct messages (DMs) in your social media inboxes that you never bothered replying to. Think messages from people who misspell your name, are clearly looking to sell you something you don’t need, or are just copy-pasting text en masse.  It’s little wonder that DMs get a bad rap, […]

2024 Social Media Post Design Concepts and 100+ Free Templates

Great social media stands out, and eye-catching, engaging and creative design will help set you apart from the crowd. You’re not just any brand — you’re a cool brand, and your social media post design should reflect that. We’ve got the resources to help you get the most out of every post (that rhyme was […]

10 Best Email Coaching Templates for 2024 (Copy & Use)

As a coach, loyal and happy clients are one of the greatest factors that keep you in business. But the market is constantly growing, which then translates into more competition. That means you need more effort to gain or retain your clients now than before.  To stand out, one of the most crucial things you […]

10 Social Media Customer Service Templates for 2024

Picture this: You’re in the middle of a social media crisis (oh no!), and you have thousands of messages flooding your inboxes. But wait! All you and your team need to do is grab a social media customer service template and hit Reply All. Even if you’re not in crisis mode, templated responses or messages […]

Instagram Offers New Stories Engagement Choices with Customized “Add Yours” Templates

Instagram is giving users the capacity to create their own “Add Yours” templates in the app, which will provide another way to spark engagement based on specific, selected parameters. As you can see in these example screens, you’ll now be able to create re-usable versions of your Stories formats, enabling you to put together custom […]

10 Cold Email Templates That Nonetheless Work in 2024

Cold email is tricky. What do you send? Are there cold email templates you can use? Which cold email techniques actually work? Is there a cold email template that you can use and get positive results? In this post you’ll learn: How do you write a really good cold email? 10 cold email templates you […]

How to Find, Use, and Create Instagram Reel Templates

With the ever-growing popularity of Instagram Reels, many content creators are looking for ways to save time and get more videos into the algorithm. One way to do this is by using Instagram Reel templates. Quick, creative, and customizable Instagram Reel templates are a great tool to help you create eye-catching short-form video content on […]

The way to Create a Standout Instagram Aesthetic [Free Templates]

IG is a visual-focused social media platform, and commitment to a cohesive Instagram aesthetic is one of the best ways to make your brand stand out from the rest. Scroll on for aesthetic advice when it comes to posts, captions, stories, bios and more (and, perhaps most importantly, how to get that elusive aesthetic grid). […]