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Stage Up Your Fee Answer to Drive Progress With Mollie + ActiveCampaign

Payments are a crucial component of all businesses. After all, every company has to earn money to survive. A payment service provider (PSP) is there to help companies make accepting payments as easy as possible. They allow businesses to offer a wide selection of payment methods quickly, take care of the entire payment process, and […]

Shared and Dedicated IPs: Which Should You Select?

Trying to determine whether you should be on a shared or dedicated internet protocol (IP) address? Before you make any decisions, let’s start with the basics. An IP address is how email gets delivered. It’s basically the Pony Express for email but a lot faster. Inbox service providers (ISPs), such as Gmail and Yahoo!, use […]

GetResponse Mobile App Will get a Makeover [Feature Update]

Here’s what we believe: When you want to be accessible, you should be able to be regardless of whether you’re commuting, hustling between meetings, or just hanging out in the backyard. You don’t have to always be “on” but when you want it, your campaigns and your business should be at your fingertips, at the […]

How to Promote Your Photography Business: 11 Confirmed Ways

You probably take amazing photos and give your 100% when capturing memorable moments and breathtaking scenes. Now, monetizing your work might be another story. Many amazing creators give up on their dream jobs because they can’t make a living with them and get bitter when they see mediocre works sell like hotcakes. Don’t get bitter, […]

11 Guidelines for Writing Website Copy

Want to learn how to write website copy that doesn’t suck? You’ve come to the right place. If you’ve ever written copy for a website, you know how exciting and nerve-wracking it can be. As a copywriter, it’s a dream to showcase all your great ideas front and center. At the same time, writing copy […]

Customer Lifecycle Marketing: Email, Automation & Technique

Customers aren’t always ready to buy from the get-go. It’s like going in for a kiss on the first date. Slow down, buddy. Winning customers isn’t a one-time tactic. It’s an ongoing strategy that involves different stages, and these stages make up effective customer lifecycle marketing. Nail your touchpoints and timing, and you could earn […]

Email Testing Instruments For Your Enterprise In 2022

Your marketing team sends out hundreds of email marketing campaigns. They pay close attention to the marketing copy and email content and play around with the format to make them the best they can be. After all, no one wants to send a bad email. But did you know you should be testing all your […]

Sensible variations and which to prioritize

It’s no secret that we marketers love our acronyms (CTA, CPC, MQL, PPC, etc.). Two that are regularly misused are SEO and SEM, and that’s fair enough because they have a lot in common. However, SEO and SEM are not the same, and they require vastly different skillsets, investments, and timeframes to see results. In […]

Transactional vs. Marketing Email | Twilio SendGrid

The biggest question we get from potential and existing customers alike is, “What’s the difference between marketing email and transactional email?” There are a few ways to answer this question: Content and purpose: A transactional email contains information about an action the recipient has already taken, while a marketing email intends to drive the recipient […]