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Audiences Are (Nonetheless) Property – ActiveCampaign jrohrs September 28, 2023

How relevant is a book written ten years ago to a digital marketer today?  A couple of weeks ago, I posed that very question on LinkedIn when I realized that my book, AUDIENCE: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans & Followers, was approaching nearly a decade in print. Over the course of this blog […]

How to Start an Email: Greetings and Opening Sentences

Crafting a powerful professional email sets the tone for the rest of your business communication. However, despite people engaging with around 347.3 billion emails per day worldwide, most still grapple with how to start an email correctly. We’ve all been there… Taking a little bit too long overthinking is the perfect way to balance out […]

How to Get People to Learn

With all due respect to subject line generators, 101 subject line lead magnets, and copywriters with great open rates… getting someone to open an email is essential, but the content is where the action is.  Most content falls short. We’ve found that the right content can double, even triple (sometimes much more since some are […]

141+ Giving Tuesday Email Topic Lines and Examples

Cyber Monday and Black Friday tend to get all the spotlight during Cyber Week, but there’s another special day that deserves some attention during all the holiday hustle and bustle: Giving Tuesday.  How can your Giving Tuesday message stand out in an inbox flooded with deals, promotions, and holiday sales? The answer lies in the […]

How It Works and The Top Advantages

For any e-commerce business, securing new customers and closing orders is their number one priority.  Coming in a close second (but going hand in hand with the first place spot) is e-commerce automation. Every day, e-commerce retailers across the globe are performing hundreds, even thousands of small tasks behind the scenes in order to delight […]

33 Common Sales Objections (& How to Deal with Them)

“I need some time to think about it.” “It’s too expensive.” “Just send me some information.” If you’ve ever worked in a sales role, you know that every prospect has an objection. There’s some hesitation or drawback that keeps them from signing on the dotted line. Building awareness and generating leads is a challenge in […]

11 Intelligent AI E-mail Administration Instruments and Options

AI email management is increasingly moving from an ideal to a must. In the early days of email, inboxes had lots in common with traditional mailboxes. Once delivered to your inbox, communications waited there for you to open the “box” and view the contents. It’s no wonder that the first email program, developed at the […]

7 Genius Methods to Use AI to Write Emails

There are two types of people in the business world: those who intentionally use AI for email writing and those who don’t realize that they use AI to write emails. Regardless of which camp you fall into, this guide will provide insights and strategies to help you elevate your AI email writing to get better […]

E-Commerce Advertising Calendar 2024: Increase Gross sales and Engagement

E-commerce holidays 2024: the dates that matter Download our e-commerce calendar to ensure you don’t miss any chance to engage your target audience. The landscape of e-commerce is ever-evolving, with businesses constantly on the lookout for the perfect opportunity to connect with their customer base. We’ve meticulously curated what we believe are the most important […]

111+ Thanksgiving Email Topic Lines (Copy/Paste Templates)

Thanksgiving: a time of gratitude, family gatherings, and feasts. For email marketers, it’s also an occasion to tap into the warmth and generosity of the season and create campaigns that resonate with subscribers. You need top-notch Thanksgiving email subject lines to stand a chance of getting your audience’s attention on this busy holiday. After all, […]