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How to Work With Influencers

Influencer marketing, also known as branded content or working with creators, is a surefire way to expand the reach of your brand on social media. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to making this strategy work, but with the right planning and research, just about every business can benefit. We’ll walk you through how to make a […]

Bing Chat Historical past For Personalised Solutions Might Not Work On Chrome Or Firefox

Last week, we reported about the new Bing Chat personalized answers feature that uses your chat history to give you a more tailored answer to your queries. But that might only work in Edge, Microsoft’s browser. When I tested this feature, I couldn’t trigger it, so I assumed it was still rolling out. But it […]

5 B2B Social Media Marketing Techniques That Truly Work

B2B social media marketing can be an effective way for brands to build awareness, strengthen relationships, and close sales. But B2B social marketers face unique challenges when it comes to tone and content mix. So, how do you use social tools to bring in (and keep) followers, create engagement, build brand awareness, and fill your […]

Google Site Names Work In All Languages

Google announced that Site names now work in all languages, not just English, French, Japanese, and German. That was really the only change Google announced with Site names yesterday – so there you have it. Google said, “Today, we’re happy to announce that site names are now available in all languages where Google Search is […]

9 Healthcare Marketing Experts to Work with This Yr

Although traditional marketing still has its value, your overall strategy simply isn’t complete until you’ve mastered digital and content marketing, as well. But if your healthcare practice or facility is like most, your already busy team will need a lot of help generating all of the assets you’ll need. You need optimized, keyword-rich copy for […]

Google To Work On Complementary Robots.txt Protocols

Google announced last night that it is looking to develop a complementary protocol to the 30-year-old robots.txt protocol. This is because of all the new generative AI technologies Google and other companies are releasing. This announcement comes shortly after the news around Open AI accessing paywalled content for its ChatGPT service. But I know many […]

How Does The LinkedIn Algorithm Work in 2023?

LinkedIn’s algorithm has always been a bit of a mystery – until now. The algorithm recently underwent some key changes, and the team (through Dan Roth, editor-in-chief, and Alice Xiong, a product management director) Sat down with Entrepreneur to explain them. In this article, we’ll highlight the key points from the team’s interview about the […]

From Maternity Go away to 4-Day Work Week (Behind the Scenes)

Nasrin got to do all of this not because of a holiday or PTObut because of IWT’s new summer-long 4 day work week challenge. This test is an experiment to see if having a compressed workweek is all that it’s cracked up to be… …or if it’s WAY more trouble than it’s worth. “The honeymoon […]

The 4 Day Work Week Challenge

Some other highlights: 71% of employees reported less burnout 62% of employees reported improved family and social life 55% of employees reported an increase in “ability at work” Employees reported more improved mental and physical health when compared to those who didn’t take part in the trial (43% reported an increase vs 16% who reported […]