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Psychedelic church buildings in US pushing boundaries of faith

By MICHAEL CASEY February 2, 2023 GMT HILDALE, Utah (AP) — The tea tasted bitter and earthy, but Lorenzo Gonzales drank it anyway. On that frigid night in remote Utah, he was hoping for a life-changing experience, which is how he found himself inside a tent with two dozen others waiting for the psychedelic […]

10 Ignored Movies from Famend Administrators

There are only a handful of directors working today who consistently pump out such exceptional films that every new release is considered an event. And there are fewer still whose cinematic repertoire is so varied and impressive that their movies will be remembered for decades to come. But sometimes, this could be a problem. A […]

Reviewed: Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket

There are few things more exciting than planning the details of your wedding day—but it can also be incredibly stressful. What color scheme should you choose? Your dream venue costs how much? It’s easy to lose sleep over the endless checklist of things to get done before the big day finally comes. Fortunately, there’s one […]

How To Meditate For The First Time, From The Specialists

Firsts are freaky, but they don’t have to be. In Her Campus’ series My First Time, we’re answering the burning questions you might be uncomfortable asking about IRL. In this article, we tackle meditating for the first time. I first tried meditating in middle school, and I failed miserably. I looked up a guided meditation […]

Stella Chiweshe obituary | Music

Stella Chiweshe, who has died aged 76, was a rebel musician who transformed the music scene in Zimbabwe in the 1970s, when the country was still white-ruled Rhodesia. She did so by daring to play the mbira, the “thumb piano”, a small instrument with 22 to 28 metal keys, flattened at the playing end and […]

10 Greatest Illusions In DC Comics

In DC Comics, illusions have been a valuable way to keep secrets. It’s also used to mislead opponents, protect identities, and protect friends. Many times, it’s an aspect of another power, especially telepathy. It’s even duplicated by machinery, with holograms or another advanced form of science. RELATED: 10 Overpowered DC Abilities That Would Be Useless […]

Embody Hot Yoga opens in Bridgeville | South Hills Dwelling

Stepping into Embody Hot Yoga studio is like walking into a warm embrace. The studio is a stark contrast from the world outside, where downtown Bridgeville is busy streets and bustling sidewalks. Lush green plants and a sharp white desk set against earthy beiges and soft pinks welcome guests into the lobby; low lights lead […]

Ladies who snore have a more durable time reaching orgasm, new examine suggests

Sign up for a full digest of all the best opinions of the week in our Voices Dispatches email Sign up to our free weekly Voices newsletter Woman who snore are more likely to suffer from sexual dysfunctions, according to a new study. Sexual disorders are more common among women who suffer from obstructive sleep […]

How one can calm flight nervousness

Knowing how to tackle fear of flying and ease flight anxieties can be crucial for those hoping to travel Flying can be a nerve-wracking experience for many, however, these anxieties can be restricting and unpleasant. Therefore, knowing the best ways to tackle aviophobia and ease these anxieties can be crucial for those hoping to travel. […]

Cherry introduces new equipment to enliven the lifestyte – Manila Bulletin

Cherry beats the challenge to keep current as it constantly expands technological innovations improving quality and ease of life. Choose the device that best suits your lifestyle as we get to know more about Cherry Accessories Must-have: Cherry Home Smart Universal Extension Cord, Cherry Cube and Capsule Earbuds, Cherry Smart Watch.  Cherry Home Smart Universal […]