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Hangout 2023: Summer’s Hottest Music Festival Returns

Home Business Magazine Online The summer 2023 music festival season has officially begun, and Alabama certainly made a splash in the music scene last weekend (May 19th – May 21st) after it hosted the 12th annual Hangout Music Festival down on the white sandy beaches of Gulf Shores, AL. Hangout’s diverse and exciting lineup of […]

World-Renowned Headliners Will Soon Take The Stage At Hangout Music Festival 2023

Home Business Magazine Online Imagine a perfectly warm summer day on the beach with all your closest friends. You have an ice-cold canned beverage in your hand, you’re watching some of your favorite artists performing live while standing in the soft and warm sand, all while ocean waves crash on the shore next to you. […]

Make Cash by Instructing Music Lessons on LessonFace

The whole world has shifted online. Everything from entertainment to earning, to learning is now conveniently online. Even subjects like art and music have shifted online too. Once a lesson was taught to only a few, now the whole world can enroll in your class. So if you are a musician or a teacher in […]

How To Add Music to Instagram Posts in 4 Easy Steps

You may already know how to add music to your Reels and Stories, but did you know that you can now add music to your Instagram posts? Instagram recently announced the featurewhich gives brands and creators one more way to engage their followers. Whether you want to share your favorite songs, augment your memes, or […]

Stella Chiweshe obituary | Music

Stella Chiweshe, who has died aged 76, was a rebel musician who transformed the music scene in Zimbabwe in the 1970s, when the country was still white-ruled Rhodesia. She did so by daring to play the mbira, the “thumb piano”, a small instrument with 22 to 28 metal keys, flattened at the playing end and […]

Google Assistant simply eliminated the tip time for music sleep timers with out telling anybody

Many people who use Google Assistant around the home (those who aren’t completely and utterly frustrated and done with it by now) often play music on their Nest Hub, Nest Mini, or other Assistant-enabled devices to fall asleep faster. Putting on your favorite lo-fi or relaxing music as opposed to rain sounds can be a […]

Responsible Pleasure Pop Music Is As Important For Your Mind As Trash TV

We all have our guilty pleasures. For some it’s food, for others it’s reality TV, for me it’s definitely trash pop music. This article goes out to all the unapologetic lovers of kitsch. The fans of musical ham with a side of word salad. There are many important issues to think about in the year […]

Lengthy-running Albert Music Hall in Waretown is ‘a lot greater than a constructing’

A scene from the 2022 show that celebrated the 25th anniversary of Albert Music Hall’s current building. Like many live music venues, the Albert Music Hall in Waretown has struggled since the pandemic began nearly three years ago. A New Jersey institution that celebrates old-timey tunes and Pine Barrens folklore, the nonprofit venue is the […]

Music advertising and marketing: How to search out your area of interest and use it to your benefit

Discovering what makes you stand out from the rest is crucial in your journey and success as a musician. Here’s how to determine what your niche is and how you can use it to push yourself forward in the music industry. by Randi Zimmerman of Symphonic Blog How do you define yourself? Does your music […]

Wanting again at music in 2022: From Pearl Jam to Justin Bieber, Drake and Brandi Carlile, COVID nonetheless loomed

Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Anthony Davis and Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder are almost never mentioned in the same article, let alone breath. Neither are teen-pop star Justin Bieber and the young San Diego buzz band Thee Sacred Souls. But all four — like many other artists in San Diego and beyond — were directly or […]