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10 Greatest Illusions In DC Comics

In DC Comics, illusions have been a valuable way to keep secrets. It’s also used to mislead opponents, protect identities, and protect friends. Many times, it’s an aspect of another power, especially telepathy. It’s even duplicated by machinery, with holograms or another advanced form of science. RELATED: 10 Overpowered DC Abilities That Would Be Useless […]

Report Brings The Greatest Challenges In 2022 And The Fundamental Traits For 2023

The Search Engine Journal (SEJ) recently released their Latest State of SEO report with many trends and predictions for 2023. In the report, they analyzed the latest research and expert POVs to understand the biggest challenges SEO professionals faced this year and what the greatest expected shifts in SEO are for 2023. To be honest, […]

Why Proving ROI Of B2B Marketing Investment Is The Greatest Problem For Entrepreneurs?

Measuring campaign effectiveness and proving the return on investment (ROI) of Marketing spend is the biggest challenge facing B2B marketers globally, with 21% identifying this as their top concern, according to new research from LinkedIn. Last month, LinkedIn conducted its Global B2B Marketing Sentiment Survey, revealing that approximately half of the 1,700 senior marketers who […]

Credit Card Mistakes & Traps To Avoid: The 3 BIGGEST Mistakes

Most people don’t get into serious credit card debt overnight. Instead, things go wrong little by little until they realize they’ve got a serious problem. The first credit card mistake is not paying attention to your cards and balances. Your debt can turn into something serious and not so small. If you’ve ended up in […]

Play like a lady: How Facebook’s largest lady gaming creator, Aparna Shukla, discovered her area of interest in a male-dominated trade

In today’s episode of Influencer Adda, we will be talking to one of the biggest names among women gaming creators, Aparna Shukla about her journey and future of gaming in India. She found her true calling while playing games with her brother and today she has over 2.45 million followers on Facebook. So if you […]