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The Digital Marketing Job Market Is Scorching And Wants Specialists.

The market is hot for marketing professionals right now. A survey conducted by ManpowerGroup found that the shortage of skilled labor reached 75% worldwide. Among the main areas demanding talent are technology, sales and, guess what… Marketing. It doesn’t stop there. LinkedIn data shows a 47% increase in demand for technical skills within advertising over […]

3 examples of nice advertising and marketing methods

The year is 2015 and, if you were a gamer at this time, you might remember how difficult it was to interact with your friends when playing online and remotely with them. If you’re not a gamer, I can explain it to you. We only had TeamSpeak (if someone could pay for it) and Skype, […]

The best way to Use Data-Driven Marketing In Your Content Strategy

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. content marketing is bound to keep expanding as businesses continue to make the most of it to grow their brand. Even more promising is how data has become valuable in content marketing as technology keeps experiencing advancement. But, what is data-driven content marketing? Data-driven content marketing is […]

5 Tips to Streamline Your Content Marketing Program

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. You may have come across this eyebrow-raising statistic: one-third of all buyers want a “seller-free sales experience.” In other words, they want less traditional advertising and more content marketing. If you have an established brand, a wealth of content to generate new high-quality leads for your business, […]

what are the primary insights for manufacturers?

YouTube recently published a new Culture & Trends report with a focus on understanding how Gen Z Creators and viewers are driving the latest video trends. The report contains research insights from more than 10 countries to provide a deeper look at what’s hot in pop culture today. The report shows that today’s digital culture […]

‘Don’t Begin Content Manufacturing At All Till You Perceive Your Model Story’, Says Brianna Dunbar, Podcaster And Progress Professional

It’s nothing new that the internet and the world today is filled with information and content. So much so that many brands may have started to wonder what else is there to create and how to keep up. In this sense, there has been constant talk about the need to humanize content and invest in […]

What your Sales Group desires Marketing to Know in regards to the 2022 LinkedIn State of Sales Report

Few outside of the sales industry may know this, but LinkedIn puts out a Global State of Sales report each year. The focus of the last report was centered around how the pandemic disrupted the sales process for the better, how the rise of tech stacks is impacting performance, and how top performers are leveraging […]

Telegram Premium Is Now Accessible For Subscription. But Is It A Worthwhile Advertising Technique?

Telegram has recently launched Telegram Premium, a new subscription service that offers an exclusive experience for the users. The paid service will offer additional features and first-hand new feature releases, and it costs anywhere between $5 – $6 per month. According to their statement, the goal is to “offer all the resources-heavy features users have […]

The High 6 website positioning Challenges Manufacturers Are Going through In 2022, According To HubSpot Knowledge

Google’s algorithm is changing very often, so every marketer that works with SEO must pay attention to those updates in order to change their digital strategies or create new ones. It makes many companies ask themselves which SEO challenges they will find. Recently, HubSpot has published a report on web traffic and analytics to know […]

What Is a Content Strategy and Why Do I Want It?

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Businesses on all fronts, irrespective of the industry, are headed for a steady climb to adapt to new times and stay afloat. While different businesses have utilized many methods and techniques, content marketing has rapidly become a more powerful tool to achieve this objective. According to Demand […]