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5 Methods ChatGPT Will Affect Digital Advertising and marketing

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. It’s no secret that ChatGPT has taken over the world by storm, and its popularity continues to soar. The chatbot is in the news for its scarily accurate answers and hilarious results that will end you in fits. Like everything else in the world, ChatGPT has also […]

Microsoft Bing Occasion Immediately – Anticipating ChatGPT Search Integration

I am currently in Seattle and headed to the Microsoft Campus in Redmond for an in-person press event. I decided to go, assuming it would be related to ChatGPT and Bing but Microsoft would not tell me what it was about, nor would Microsoft let us say we are going to the event. Then yesterday […]

Google Search Bard, It’s ChatGPT Characteristic, To Trusted Testers

Well, we knew it was coming and here it is, Bard – Google’s answer to ChatGPT. Google is now having its trusted testers test out Bard and will soon roll it out more widely to users in Google Search and other products in the coming weeks, Google announced. It is not called Appreciate Bard but […]

Microsoft Bing ChatGPT Search Interface Screenshots?

Owen Yin shared some screenshots of what he said he saw on the Microsoft Bing website. It looks like the beta version of the upcoming ChatGPT features that we are all expecting Bing to announce in the coming weeks (maybe even this coming Tuesday). Owen shared these screenshots on Twitter and then posted more details […]

Google Algorithm Replace, Yandex Search Components Leaked, ChatGPT Craze (Bing/Google), Bing Lastmod & Extra Yahoo Search

In this week’s recap, I covered the unconfirmed Google update that seemed to impact product review sites but maybe more on January 26th. Yandex had a huge leak, and SEOs and marketers dug through the search engine’s source code. Google’s answer to ChatGPT might be Apprentice Bard using LAMDA Sundar Pichai of Google basically confirmed […]

The Influence of ChatGPT on Content Marketing

I have been closely following the launch of ChatGPT, the OpenAI chatbot that has recently caught the world’s attention. With its natural language processing and machine learning techniques, ChatGPT is pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible for AI. However, as with any new technology, there are risks and opportunities to consider. In […]

Bing Challenges Google With Search Enhancements Utilizing ChatGPT

Let’s agree that when we talk about SEO, we are looking at the market leader, and pretending otherwise would be beating around the bush. However, it turns out runners-up can’t be ignored, and you might have heard about them. One question won’t be silenced: What about Bing? Microsoft plans to release a version of Bing […]

Google On Utilizing AI & ChatGPT For Title Tag Concepts

Google’s John Mueller said on mastodon that using AI or ChatGPT blindly for title tag generation is not a great idea. But he added that if you are running out of ideas and need inspiration, you can leverage the tools for some ideas. John wrote, “I don’t know if AI is the right approach to […]

Google Nonetheless Rolling Out Updates, Begin & Finish Dates Are Complicated, Bing To Add ChatGPT, search engine optimisation Is Unhealthy & Extra

Welcome to the first video recap of 2023, where I start with the January 2023 Google webmaster report. I then explain how the Google helpful content and link spam updates are still rolling out and, more so, still causing volatility. Google explained why assigning start, and end dates to some algorithm updates is hard and […]

Most SEOs Are Not Involved About ChatGPT Threatening search engine optimization

ChatGPT is cool, very cool, in fact, I used it for fun for my video introduction earlier this month, but does this put SEOs out of a job? Will it write all of our content, will it give SEO recommendations, and will it provide coding examples, that will replace the needs for SEOs? Most SEOs […]