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Diving into the most recent 4-day knowledge

Your research is going to help you make a better case for the 4DWW to your boss and co-workers. It’ll also show you how to implement it without losing your business money (very important!).  But it can be hard to do all the research yourself — especially with all of the studies, articles, podcasts, blog […]

LinkedIn’s newest options and the way creators are utilizing them

LinkedIn has a reputation for being a professional networking platform where users can learn about the latest industry trends. This is because, unlike other social channels, LinkedIn revolves around helping its members stand out and attract potential employers. But these days, I’ve found myself scrolling through LinkedIn more than ever before as it has grown […]

Newest From Google’s John Mueller On Utilizing AI To Write Content material

So far, Google’s official stance on using AI to write content is just fine, assuming that content was not written to manipulate the search results. If the content is useful, helpful and quality, it doesn’t matter if a machine wrote it or a human. But John Mueller of Google doesn’t seem too positive about the […]

Podcast – Instagram Unleashed – Interview with Corey Walker About the Latest Marketing with Social Media

Home Business Magazine Online Are you using Instagram to maximum marketing effect in your home-based business? Let’s let Corey Walker, author of Instagram for Business for Dummies, show us the way. Instagram is a dominant social media platform, particularly for businesses. Instagram also seems to be challenging the long-term dominance of Facebook. A few questions […]

All of Twitter’s Latest Features and the way Companies Use Them

Twitter may have been a simple micro-blogging site back when it was founded in 2006, but the social media platform now offers many features that entrepreneurs and content creators alike can leverage for their businesses. Tons of brands have found major success on the site as it offers convenient ways to stay connected with your […]

Meta Showcases Newest VR Developments at Connect 2022, Together with New Quest Pro Headset

Meta is holding its Connect conference for 2022 today, where it’s announced a range of new, cutting-edge VR features, including a new Quest headset, new professional integrations to facilitate workplace collaboration, updated interaction tools, control devices, and this… Yes, soon, your VR avatar will actually have legs, so you won’t look like the genie from […]

The Inaspect Scoop On How Sports Have Been Affected By The Newest Social Media Traits

Savlov, who has over 25 years of broadcasting experience in the sports media industry, specializes in creating … [+]T-Mobile, Paramount Studios and Walgreens offer sponsorships, infomercials, and commercials for their clients. Scott Savlov The media landscape has been transformed by technology. Television was the center of entertainment, news and sport before social media. To catch […]

The Newest Accusations In opposition to Twitter Might Not Help Elon Musk – But They Actually Don’t Help Twitter

This week’s revelation of widespread security concerns at Twitter have left many divided as to what they actually mean, in the broader context of the app and the individuals involved. But one thing is certain – the accusations presented by former Twitter Security Chief Peter ‘Mudge’ Zatko highlight overall dysfunction within the company, which, at […]

Meta Outlines Evolving Efforts to Fight Mass Reporting and ‘Brigading’ in Newest Threat Report

Meta has published its latest Adversarial Threat Reportwhich looks at all the malicious and scam networks that it detected and took action against in Q2 2022. And much of it is as we’ve come to expect – Meta removed two clusters of hacker groups operating in South East Asia, as well as a troll farm […]

Apple Arcade video games: Newest releases for iPhone and extra

Apple Arcade launched with close to 100 titles and the service is seeing new games added regularly with over 200 games now in the library. Follow along with our guide on Apple Arcade games. New for 7/22: HEROish is a new exclusive multiplayer action title on Apple Arcade. You can learn more about and download all the latest […]