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Methods to Write an Interview Comply with Up E-mail (2024 Suggestions & Examples)

It doesn’t matter how good your interview was — you STILL need to send a follow-up email for five reasons: It leaves a good impression. And impressions are everything when it comes to getting a job. The hiring manager will remember you. You were likely one of several interviews conducted by the company. Don’t get lost in […]

Find out how to Prepare ChatGPT to Write in Your Model’s Tone of Voice [Infographic]

Are you looking for ways to improve your ChatGPT output? Want to train it to write in a more unique tone of voice, in order to better suit your branding? The Creative Marketer shares his ChatGPT prompt tips in this infographic. To enact these, add “Write like [INSERT CHARACTER]” at the start of your ChatGPT instructions. TCM […]

How to Write an Email: Suggestions, Examples, and Formatting

There’s no one way to write an email. With different use cases and formats, each type of email serves a different purpose and delivers a unique message.  In this post, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about how to write an email, including tips on writing great email subject lines, crafting a follow-up […]

The way to Write About Art as a Freelance Author

Writing about art at first glance may seem a particularly difficult task. Is it possible to truly capture the medium through words alone when it is a visual artform? On top of that, what are the topics a writer should consider and how best to go about them? In this article, we will aim to […]

How to Write Email Subject Strains that Enhance Open Charges

An email is a chance to send relevant, valuable content to your customers. But if your email subject line fails, the rest of your content doesn’t matter. The most important part of your email is the subject line — and it also happens to be the hardest part to write. There’s very little space and […]

7 Genius Methods to Use AI to Write Emails

There are two types of people in the business world: those who intentionally use AI for email writing and those who don’t realize that they use AI to write emails. Regardless of which camp you fall into, this guide will provide insights and strategies to help you elevate your AI email writing to get better […]

Should You Write Underneath a Pseudonym? 7 Reasons to Consider

J.K Rowling.  Dr. Seuss. Mark Twain. Nora Roberts.  These authors aren’t who you think they are. Well, on paper at least. These authors, and many more, choose to write under a pseudonym, also called a pen name, meaning the names printed on their books are not the names they were born with.  Some people might […]

How to Write a Whitepaper? The Content material that Drives B2B Engagement

While there are many written assets that can really help put a company on the map as a trustworthy industry authority, whitepapers are truly in a class of their own. A whitepaper is an in-depth written document that covers a specific subject or issue in great detail. Years ago, mostly government entities, non-profit organizations, and […]

Does AI Write Higher X (Twitter) Posts Than Humans?

At this point, you’ve heard it all about AI. AI can help you write better. AI can help you create faster. But can it help your social captions perform better? As a busy social media marketer, anything that promises to make the content creation process easier and faster is appealing. And with tools like ChatGPT making […]