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How to Gas Social Media Content material With Your Current Work

For the latest installation of Creators Unlockedwe speak to Josh Ho, a SaaS founder and creator – the latter a term he doesn’t instinctually use, though it definitely applies. Josh earned his founder title with Referral Rock, a software company that eases the process of collecting referrals. But he also hosts two podcasts, writes a […]

16 Actual Property Social Media Statistics to Know in 2023

If you’ve ever seen a real estate agent’s smiling face on a bench, billboard, or bus (loving the blazers, ya’ll!), you know that advertising is a key part of the business. But in 2023, the most powerful real estate marketing is happening on social media. In high markets and recessions alike, savvy real estate agents […]

How to Use E-mail & Social Media to Drive Visitors to Your Website

The most effective and impactful marketing always comes from ecosystems. Just as coral reefs and rainforests are home to numerous species working together to help each other thrive, your email, social mediaand website should be part of an interconnected system. We can certainly appreciate the burning love that some marketers feel for one specific channel […]

6 Methods to Enhance Your Social Media Engagement with Email Advertising and marketing

Some social media evangelists will tell you that email marketing is dead. Of course, they’re wrong. Email is still a preeminent form of communication that gets marketing results that most other channels could only dream of. It’s cost-effective, customizable, easy to use, builds connections, and, most importantly, spurs your audience to action. Consider these statistics: […]

Are The ‘War Porn’ Videos Shared On Social Media Disclosing Too Much?

The weapon was used against a tank. … [+]The Russian APC was destroyed in Irpin (north of Kyiv) on 12 March 2022. Russian forces intensified the pressure on Kyiv in March 2022. Russian armored vehicles have advanced on the northern edge of the country, while the northwest suburbs including Irpin have been bombed for days. […]

The 2023 Guide to Social Media Reputation Management

Jeff Bezos is credited with saying “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” In the age of social media visibility and virality, what people say about you can speed its way to millions of people. Or at least be visible to your next potential customer. And that’s why […]

How can paid media enhance model consciousness in 2023?

How can paid media boost brand awareness in 2023? In today’s digital age social media has become an integral part of our lives, from instagram reels to facebook posts, we are now constantly engaged in content creation and content consumption. While organic reach on SM platforms is incredible, paid social media ads are still valuable […]

Why Social Media Is Essential for Inbound Advertising and marketing

Inbound marketing and social media marketing aren’t two separate strategies. They go hand in hand and play a vital role in growing a business in any industry. Social media trends change year by year. Platforms gain or lose popularity. Consumer expectations change due to world events and other circumstances. Tech advances may force you to […]

10 Social Media Tendencies to Comply with in 2023 [Infographic]

Are you looking for ways to increase brand visibility online? Want to learn the hottest trends in social media in 2023? The team from Mentionlytics share their social media trends in this infographic. Here’s what makes their list: tik tok social listening social ads AR and VR Video Micro influencers Shoppable media Social customer service […]

8 Should-Haves of a Good Social Media Governance Plan

All brands using social media in any form must navigate a constantly evolving set of risks in an environment that changes at lightning pace. A social media governance strategy ensures you’re prepared for whatever the world of social media throws at you. Keep reading to find out how to build a strategy that will help […]