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How to Create Buyer Personas With AI

You probably already know what a buyer persona is (and if you don’t, I recommend reading this post) and its importance within a marketing strategy. However, you might still feel uncertain about defining your brand’s persona(s). Well, since Artificial Intelligence has become the buzzword of the moment, in this article I’m going to show you […]

Microsoft Advertising To Add Copilot To Create Ads & New Compare & Decide Bing Chat Ads

At the Microsoft AI event last Thursday, Microsoft also announced new AI-based ad features in the upcoming months. This includes Copilot, which will help you create ads in Microsoft Advertising, and a new ad format exclusive to the Bing Chat interface named compare and decide ads. As a reminder, Kya Sainsbury-Carter, the Corporate Vice President […]

How To Create Without HTML

Before working at Rock Content, I had never had any contact with digital marketing—or so I thought. At the time, I didn’t fully grasp the extent of digital marketing and the amount of work it involves. Just to give you an idea, I used to believe that every marketing team had a developer on board. […]

9 Best Practices to Create an Affiliate Advertising Landing Page

From testimonials and personalized CTAs to benefit-highlighting copy, your affiliate landing page should have the right mix of on-page elements to make people purchase using your affiliate links. But how do you create an affiliate landing page that gets thousands of conversions when you only have 2.6 seconds to make an impression? Let’s learn how […]

How To Create Top-Notch Advert Creatives to Increase Marketing campaign Efficiency

Advertisement In today’s digital age, we are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of content and advertisements on the internet. It seems like everywhere we look, there’s something trying to grab our attention. However, as users, we have developed a selective blindness, ignoring things that don’t interest us directly. This phenomenon is commonly known as “ad […]

How one can Create Viral Content material

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. This story originally appeared on Readwrite.com With an estimated 328 million terabytes of data created each day, it can be difficult for brands to find unique ways to reach and be remembered by potential customers. But brands have a greater chance of making a lasting connection if […]

How does Rock Content create its content material briefings?

At Rock Content, we maintain a significant flow of content, continuously creating and updating it as part of our SEO and organic growth strategy. We’ve previously shared our process in content creation, which involves a relatively compact in-house SEO team concentrating on strategies, while freelancers handle scalable content production. Consequently, to ensure the organized, high-quality […]

How can the AI Content Wizard be used to create content material outlines?

Whether you’re a content manager, SEO expert, or even a growth hacker, you likely need to craft content outlines from time to time (or often) in your marketing routine. Your content marketing team might have reached a level of maturity where creation processes are well-defined and functional. Or perhaps you’re just starting to structure a […]

How to Create Squeeze Pages That (Virtually) At all times Convert

Squeeze pages are the key to building an engaging email list. No engaged list, no successful email marketing campaigns. Below, I’m going to show you everything you need to know about squeeze pages to better build your email list. This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. I’m offering you the […]

14 Small Enterprise Branding Examples (+ How to Create Your Personal)

Small businesses face some branding challenges that larger businesses don’t need to deal with. How to build your brand on a small budget. Time. Having the in-house talent to put together stunning brand guidelines and logos. Even though small businesses sometimes have marketing challenges related to a lack of resources, there are also a few […]