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‘To create a tradition for black folks to thrive we have to open our minds to totally different views’

We are in 2022 and unfortunately we still get news of hate crimes towards the Black community. On the 14th of May, a white gunman shot and killed 10 people in a supermarket inside a predominantly black community area in Buffalo. Social media posts on Discord and 4Chan showed he was planning the attack since […]

How to Create a Landing Web page (In 30 Minutes or Much less)

Have you ever wanted to launch a quick marketing campaign but didn’t want to go through the trouble of setting up or updating your own website?  Then you may already know about the solution to get that campaign going without needing to mess with your website at all – landing pages!  Whether you’re looking to […]

Meta Assessments New Choice to Create Avatar-Aligned Cowl Photos for Your Facebook Profile

Avatars are the new ‘fetch’, with Meta trying many ways to show you just how cool avatars are, and will be in the metaverse future – and how you really should be using them right now as an extension of your digital identity. Meta’s latest avatar experiment is new graphic cover images for your Facebook […]

Create a Highly effective Buyer Journey Story With CallRail and ActiveCampaign

This post was contributed by the team over at CallRail. For too long, marketing was a necessary but ambiguous expense for businesses. The main justification for marketing was that “every company needs it.” However, call tracking now makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to turn more leads into better customers. Serving more than […]

How to Create Engaging Instagram Carousel Posts [FREE TEMPLATES]

Instagram carousel posts are one of the most engaging formats brands can use on the platform. Hootsuite’s own social media team finds that, on average, their carousel posts get 1.4x more reach and 3.1x more engagement than regular posts on Instagram. The temptation to swipe left, it seems, is hard to resist—especially when there’s a […]

‘You have to create tales that join together with your readers’, says Byron White, AuthorAccess founder

Back in 1996, Bill Gates stated that content was king and a key element for the internet to thrive. And we all know that he sure was right. Since then, a whole lot has happened in the world of content creation, so much so that having a content strategy has become a cornerstone of any […]

How to Create TikTookay Ads: A Step-By-Step Guide

As a social media phenomenon that blew up during the pandemic, TikTok now has more than 1 billion active users worldwide. Since 2016, the video-sharing platform has taken social media by storm and rapidly expanded into over 150 markets. As TikTok gains momentum to a wider range of demographics outside the Gen Z circles, the […]

How to Create Customized Emails

Personalization, also known as one-to-one marketing or marketing to the individual, is an increasingly common tactic that marketers use to connect with their prospects and customers. In essence, it’s all about using the data you have about your customers to deliver a tailored marketing message.  In this article, you’ll find tips to help you personalize […]

What is A Writing Pattern? 7 Easy Steps to Create Yours

There are a lot of reasons a writer will need to create a writing sample. You might be applying for a job, trying to land a freelance client, or simply creating a portfolio to showcase your skills. A good writing sample can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace and give you a real […]

Web site Writer Rebuilds Previous Web sites to Create New Area of interest Content

Content Plans Southwark, April 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — London based niche website publisher, contentplans.com, specialises in purchasing distressed, older websites and their precise rebranding and optimisation expertise to create new content websites targeted for the reader. With experience from London internet marketing (PPC) agencies, Content Plans ensures a simple six-point approach, including maximising SEO […]