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Chasing Social Media Algorithms Is Out — Community Is in. Here’s How to Create Connections That Matter.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Anyone else tired of playing the social media game? Recently, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with the platforms, the content and the rat race to produce more and be seen more — which ultimately seems to be spiraling into more and more virtue signaling. As the New York […]

11 Methods the Buffer Crew and Group are Utilizing Tags

There are few things that spark as much joy as being able to organize anything and everything by color. It’s an easy and visual way to lay things out, and in the world of content and social media, staying organized is one of the best ways to keep on top of planning. That’s one of […]

Dave DiGregorio On Local Pack Reductions, Diversifying Site visitors, Providers & The Group

In part one with Dave DiGregorio we spoke about his journey from working in sports memorabilia to getting into SEO. Then in part two, we talk about some local pack reductions, diversifying your local SEO efforts, the services feature, and the amazing SEO community. Several months ago we saw some local packs shrink or disappear […]

5 Suggestions for Turning Your Social Media Following Right into a Paid Membership Group

When I was building a social media audience for an e-commerce company I ran a few years ago, the go-to options for monetizing that audience never appealed to me. It felt like advertising or brand sponsorships would water down the content. Plus, I never liked the idea of monetizing an audience for the sake of […]

How to Turn out to be a LinkedIn Top Voice or Community Top Voice

Many social media platforms are rethinking the way they reward their top creators.  A blue tick or badge on social media used to mean you were someone to watch — whether that meant a creator with a growing following or a recognized public figure. But with Meta’s new verification subscription and X Premium, getting the […]

Small Business Saturday Advertising: Strategies for Community Connection

In the vast panorama of the retail calendar, punctuated by events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there exists a day dedicated to the heart and soul of our communities: Small Business Saturday.  Originating in 2010 to support local enterprises during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year, this day has swiftly burgeoned […]

What Does it Imply to Build a Community on Social Media? (And Why You Ought to)

Both creators and marketers alike are tapping into the power of fostering communities — and with good reason. Cultivating deeper connections with and between your followers can inspire brand loyalty and boost brand awareness, engagement, growth, and reach — not to mention that it feels really great to bring like-minded people together around a shared […]

X Expands Community Notes Program, Provides ‘Top Writer’ Badge for Extremely Rated Contributors

The X team continues to expand the availability of its Community Notes feature, with users in 18 more regions now able to apply to be part of the volunteer moderation program. With yesterday’s admission of 18 new countries, we now have Community Notes contributors in 44 countries around the world. This includes the whole ???????? […]

Twitter Launches Integrity Replace in Community Notes to Deal with the Viral Unfold of Fake Photographs

After some famous cases of false images going viral on the web, last May 30th, Twitter launched a new update on Community Notestheir program to stimulate users to collaborate through notes in the tweets, adding integrity information in shared posts, and keeping people well informed. Before, let’s have a quick look at what is going […]

Twitter Makes ‘Community Notes’ Seen to All Customers Globally

Another key element of Elon Musk’s ‘Twitter 2.0’ reformation plan is now in place, with Twitter opening up its Community Notes tweet context indicators to all users globally. Well, sort of – as of today, all Twitter users can view Community Notes attached to tweets, but only US-based users can create them, though Twitter says […]