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Jack Dorsey Exits Bluesky, Marking the Finish of an Period for Social Media

I’m not sure that this is surprising, but it does seem like a fitting end to the first era of social media, to some degree. Over the weekend, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed that he is no longer on the board for decentralized social media project Bluesky, which means that Dorsey is now effectively […]

Jack Dorsey Exits Bluesky Confirms on ‘Freedom Expertise’ X

Jack Dorsey, co-founder and former CEO of X/Twitter until he resigned in 2021, has left the board of X rival Bluesky, a decentralized social media network he helped create, fund, and promote. Bluesky started as a small research project within then-Twitter in 2019 and became its own platform in 2022. The company’s goal is to […]

How to Schedule Posts to Bluesky and Cross-post from Different Platforms

Bluesky is fast emerging as one of the major contenders in the race for the top Twitter (X) alternative — and with good reason. The new platform is easy to use, it offers a high degree of control over your timeline, and — thankfully, given X recently axed the feature — headlines still pull through […]

What is Bluesky Social? All the things Your Model Wants To Know

At this point, you’ve likely heard of Bluesky Social, the budding Twitter alternative. It’s one of a few text-based social networks that have cropped up as Twitter, now X, makes the shift to becoming an “everything app” under its new leader, Elon Musk. And while Bluesky may be new to the social scene, it’s showing […]

Bluesky Suffers Outage As Individuals Flee Twitter’s New Restrictions

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO and the head of SpaceX, spoke on Twitter during an event in Vivatech. … [+]On June 16, 2023, the Porte de Versailles will be hosting a fair for technology startups and innovations. Photos by JOEL SAGET/AFP AFP via Getty Images On Saturday, Twitter users were extremely frustrated after Elon Musk announced […]

What is BlueSky, Twitter Co-founder’s New Decentralized Social Community?

Known for being the stage of controversies (who has never cursed a lot in 140 characters?) in recent times, Twitter has become their target. The unpopular changes promoted by Elon Musk at the helm of the company are leading many users to abandon the blue bird – or they are at least planning to do […]