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Why The Google Monitoring Instruments Present Calm Volatility & Climate?

If you’ve been following my Google helpful content update volatility story, you will notice that the Google tracking tools are showing very little volatility when the SEO chatter is super heated. Generally when there is a lot of SEO chatter, the aggregate tools show heated volatility – but not with this helpful content update. After […]

Google Search Generative Experience Should not Present For Navigational Queries

Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, said on Twitter that Google probably shouldn’t trigger a Search Generative Experience answer for navigational queries. You can always manually trigger the SGE response, but by default, it probably shouldn’t be generated. Danny Sullivan wrote, “I would expect SGE to only appear if we think it’s helpful, and navigation queries, […]

Google Business Profiles New Fix Photograph That Does not Present Attraction Type

Google has added a new option in the Google Business Profile appeal for “Fix photo that doesn’t show.” This means you can submit a support request for when you know a photo is not showing up on your Google Business Profile and you want it to. Mike Blumenthal first reported about this saying, “Google has […]

Google Search Generative Experience Would not Present Snapshot Solutions For Unique Responses

The other day Agile SEO posted on Twitter an example of Google’s Search Generative Experience not showing any answer boxes, aka snapshots, for an answer it generated. Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, responded by saying Google would do that when it thinks it is generating a completely original response. Here is the screenshot for a […]

Google Says You Might Need To Consolidate Pages That Present Indented In Google Search

Google’s Gary Illyes said in an SEO office hours video that you may want to consider consolidating pages that end up in a host group in the Google search results. Host groups are when Google shows two results from the same domain, one indented under the other. Gary said, “It’s a telltale that you have […]

Google Analytics Will Present UA3 Knowledge For A Yr After It Stops Accumulating Knowledge On July 1

Google has shared more details on its upcoming deadline for when Universal Analytics 3 will be turning down. The new information is that you will be able to access, report and export your historical data in UA3 for a year after Google stops collecting data in that platform, so until July 1, 2024. Google posted […]

Google Local Pack Can Present Booked Reservations

Google has let you book reservations within the local pack and via Google Assistant for a while now. But what may be new is that Google may show you if you have already booked reservations in the local pack, if you booked those reservations using the Reserve with Google feature. Krystal Taing spotted this the […]

5 Trade Show Ideas to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

Home Business Magazine Online While digital marketing strategies are taking the world by storm today, many marketers and business experts continue to follow conventional marketing methods. For instance, some businesses still hold trade shows and remain effective in promoting their business. This can be an excellent example for both small and large corporations to continue […]

Google Search Console Efficiency Experiences Might Present Spike In Product Outcomes Clicks & Impressions

Google has posted that you may see an increase in clicks and impressions in your search performance report when filtering by the product results search appearance in Search Console. Google said this is because Google is now picking up these products even without structured data. This spike would appear on January 6, 2023, and continue […]

Google Crawl Stats Report Does not Present Location Of Crawl

As you know, Google can now crawl from locations outside of the United States. We know this is rare, it is used in specific situations. But if you want to know if Google is crawling your site from outside of the US, then you need to check your log files. You cannot use the crawl […]