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Google Analytics 4 Deadline Is Not Altering

Ginny Marvin, Google’s Ads Liaison, posted on Twitter the other day saying, “The deadline is not changing,” when asked about a rumor that the GA4 deadline was being pushed off. That rumor is not true, she said. Ginny Marvin warned, “Do not delay GA4 migrations.” She added that Universal Analytics “will stop processing data on […]

Google Analytics Will Present UA3 Knowledge For A Yr After It Stops Accumulating Knowledge On July 1

Google has shared more details on its upcoming deadline for when Universal Analytics 3 will be turning down. The new information is that you will be able to access, report and export your historical data in UA3 for a year after Google stops collecting data in that platform, so until July 1, 2024. Google posted […]

Google Analytics 4 Fractional Cross-Channel Conversion Credit score Now Imported Into Google Ads

Google posted to update that now Google Ads will import fractional, cross-channel web conversion credits from Google Analytics 4 properties. Google said this is even if the last non-direct click was not Google advertising. This data might be used to help with Google Ads conversion automation and bidding strategies. This is because a larger set […]

New Google Analytics 4 Replace Brings Higher Flexibility In Conversion Counting

GA4, or Google Analytics 4, has announced a new update that can make tracking conversions more flexible for marketers and digital teams. In this article, we’ll help you understand what changed with the update and how marketers can benefit from the new “once per session” conversion counting method. What is the New Conversion Counting Method? […]

How to Observe LinkedIn Hashtag Analytics for Higher Attain

The message behind every cheesy coming-of-age movie is true: What makes you nerdy is actually your superpower. For LinkedIn power users, that superpower is LinkedIn hashtag analytics skills. If you arrived at this article hoping for excitement and intrigue, sorry. But if you clicked to find out how hash tags fuel LinkedIn audience growth, and […]

Bing Chat Exhibiting Distinctive Analytics Referrer In Edge Sidebar

We all want to see how much traffic the new Bing Chat feature will send us and we know Bing Webmaster Tools will eventually add it. But how about analytics? Well, there are signs Bing Chat is adding some tracking variables for analytics software. This seems to only be available with Bing Chat for the […]

Our First Experiences With Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is coming. Whether you’re prepared or not, GA4 is an increasingly close reality. At Rock Content, we’ve been playing around with the tool and adapting our processes to ensure we’re ready for when GA4 hits the market. In this article, I’ll share our experience with GA4 — from how we’re adjusting to […]

Most SEOs Not Utilizing Google Analytics 4

Carrie Hill posted a poll on Twitter SEOs, her followers, asking what the status of their GA4, Google Analytics 4 installs are. It seems like most SEOs, well, the 300 or so who responded, said they are just collecting data and not doing more with it. Carrie asked, “What’s the Status of your GA4 Install?” […]

LinkedIn’s New Analytics Is Improved And More Detailed For Creators And Manufacturers

In March 2022, LinkedIn announced new creator analytics, including improved post analytics and new video tools, with analytics and prompts on what to share. They also provided a subscribe function to get new content alerts on the topics users want, and a place for marketers to feature their newsletter and get more subscribers. Now, in […]

Google Ads Knowledge Lacking From Looker Studio Or Google Sheets with Google Analytics 4 API?

There are reports that in some cases you can be missing some of your Google Ads data and campaign information when you use the Google Analytics 4 API in conjunction with Looker Studio and/or Google Sheets. Diogo A. da Silva said on Twitter that if you are using the Google Analytics 4 API to report […]