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Top Social Media Manager Interview Questions and Answers [2023]

Don’t sweat through your blazer: here’s everything you need to know for your social media manager job interview. You’ve got the skills, you’ve created a kickass resume and portfolio, you’ve scheduled an interview. Now, the final step to securing the job is answering the questions your potential new employer fires at you. Then, you can […]

Google Search Generative Experience Drops Hyperlinks In AI-Generated Solutions

Earlier this month, we reported that Google was testing three-different citation and link formats in the Search Generative Experience AI-generated answer. It seems that as of yesterday, Google has pulled back that test and removed the links from those answers. Britney Muller noticed they went away yesterday afternoon and posted about it on Twitter. “Have […]

Google Search Generative Experience Testing Links In AI-Generated Solutions

It looks like all the negative feedback around the lack of links within the AI-generated answers that Google’s Search Generative Experience generates has made a difference. Google is testing links directly in those answers in the SGE results. We are seeing these links in the form of classic-looking citations, in the form of button overlays […]

Google Search Generative Experience Would not Present Snapshot Solutions For Unique Responses

The other day Agile SEO posted on Twitter an example of Google’s Search Generative Experience not showing any answer boxes, aka snapshots, for an answer it generated. Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, responded by saying Google would do that when it thinks it is generating a completely original response. Here is the screenshot for a […]

Are Security Headers a Rating Issue? Google Answers!

In a recent Google SEO Office Hours (when the Google team responds to user-submitted questions) a question about security headers arose. The question was whether these headers affect the ranking of sites in Google’s search rankings. The short answer is that they don’t. But, despite being simple, this question brings interesting insights for SEO professionals, […]

Microsoft Bing Search Exams Blue Highlighted Textual content In AI Chat Solutions

Microsoft Bing is testing highlighting portions of the AI ​​chat answer in blue, the one embedded in the Bing Search results. Bing Search started to test embedding its Bing Chat AI answers into the Bing search results two months ago and now Bing is testing highlighting part of the answer in blue. This was spotted […]

The Top 30 Questions Entrepreneurs Asokay About How AI Content Is Changing website positioning [+Expert Answers]

In today’s digital age, the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on various industries cannot be ignored. In the realm of SEO, AI has brought about significant changes, revolutionizing the way content is generated, analyzed, and optimized for better rankings and visibility. As AI-powered tools and algorithms become more sophisticated, questions and discussions arise regarding the […]

The 4 Solutions You Want To Overcome It Once And For All

If there’s one issue that keeps writers from becoming successful authors, it’s writer’s block. Writer’s block, imposter syndrome, and simply not following through with finishing keeps many writers from achieving their dreams. However, today I’m going to give you four answers you can use to overcome this block once and for all. In this article […]

Huge Google March Core Update, Bing Chat GPT-4, Bing Solutions Go Chat & Extra

Google released the March 2023 broad core update, so far this has been a very fast and big update. Bing said they’ve been using the new GPT-4 technology for the past several weeks. Bing also hinted that the Bing Search answers would be replaced with Chat-based answers. Bing’s sidebar with Bing Chat is now in […]