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Lawsuit: SEC Gathering Information on US Inventory Market Traders

A new lawsuit alleges that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been illegally tracking the data of Americans who have invested in the stock market. The lawsuit, filed by the New Civil Liberties Alliance last week in Texas, claims that the agency has been illegally collecting data through the “Consolidated Audit Trail” program […]

Google’s Universal Analytics 3 Nonetheless Gathering Information For Most

Google’s Universal Analytics 3, which was supposed to stop collecting data over a week ago, on July 1st, is still collecting data for most, if not all, UA3 profiles. Every UA3 profile I have access to that is still properly set up, it still collecting data. I even posted a poll last week asking if […]

Google Analytics Will Present UA3 Knowledge For A Yr After It Stops Accumulating Knowledge On July 1

Google has shared more details on its upcoming deadline for when Universal Analytics 3 will be turning down. The new information is that you will be able to access, report and export your historical data in UA3 for a year after Google stops collecting data in that platform, so until July 1, 2024. Google posted […]

Google Search Console Will Cease Amassing Information After Inactivity

We know that Google will stop collecting data within Google Search Console when a site is not verified or removes its verification. But did you know if you do not use Search Console, you verify it but never go in to look at the reports, Google may stop collecting data for that Search Console profile? […]

Why Transparency Issues When Accumulating Person Information

Have you ever had that feeling of being monitored all the time? Every place you go, every step you take? Well, Google is being sued by attorneys general in different US states for using “deceptive and unfair practices” to obtain user location data. Basically, the lawsuit accuses the world’s biggest search engine of using “dark […]