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Google Search Generative Experience Goes Dwell For Some Searchers

The all new and exciting Google Search Generative Experience is now rolling out as a labs experiment to some early waitlisted users. I should have access by now, but I’m offlineI wrote this yesterday before I was able to play with it (which is why this news is not in my videowhich I recorded earlier […]

Google Expands the Check Pool for its New Generative AI Components in Search

Google’s making its new generative AI tools available to more users, with the expansion of its Search Labs early access program, which enables people to try out its AI elements within Search – and also highlights some interesting use cases for product discovery in the app. Google had initially resisted jumping into the generative AI […]

Google Reveals Off Ads In Search Generative Experience

Google showcased some additional Google Ads sponsored search ads in the new Google Search Generative Experience yesterday at Google Marketing Live. Google made a point to say these ad positions and features will likely change as Google continues to experiment with this new search experience. When Google first announced the Search Generative Experience (I like […]

Why Google Wants To Encourage Clicks To Publishers In New Search Generative Experience

there is a lot of concern other worry around the new Google Search Generative Experience and how that might impact traffic to content creators, publishers, site owners, and the web as a whole. I get that new things are scary, but I think the concern may be overblown. Why? It comes down to Google’s revenues […]

Google Search Generative Experience, Useful Content material Replace For Hidden Gems, I/O Google Replace, Bing Chat Fashions & Extra I/O

What a crazy week with Google I/O, where Search took the spotlight for the first time in a long time at the event. Google also may have rolled out an unconfirmed search ranking update around the same time as Google I/O. We had Google show off the new Google Search Generative Experience, and I did […]

Google Search Generative Experience – It’s All New AI Search Engine

Google announced a preview, a labs experiment, of its all-new search engine, it is calling Google Search Generative Experience. This is where Google brings in generative AI into the search interface and makes a search interface designed more for a youthful audience. I covered this in great detail on Search engine country so here I […]

Many SEOs Are Worried About Their Jobs With Generative AI & AI Search

With generative AI and the new AI search features, we are not only able to use some generative AI tools to create excellent content, but how searchers access information is on the verge of changing. This is causing some concern and fear within the SEO industry. Liraz Postan posted a poll on Twitter SEOs “Are […]

Google Reveals Off Generative AI In Ads To Choose Advertisers

Remember a few weeks ago; I showed a test where Google Ads allowed some advertisers to use AI to generate ad copy for their search ads? Well, the Financial Times reported that Google held an internal presentation showing how Google plans to add generative AI in ads. This will reportedly be used in Performance Max […]

New Google Search Engine, Magi, April Critiques Replace, Web page Expertise, Useful Content material, FAQs & Generative AI Ads

What a busy week, we had Google confirm it is working on an all-new search engine that uses AI and Bard. There is no ETA for when that will go live, but in the coming months we will see more minor updates to Google Search to embed AI throughout; this is code-named Magi. Google’s April […]

Google Critiques Replace, Google Core Replace’s Native Search Affect, Webspam Report, Generative AI Coming To Google Search, Bard Updates & Bing Chat Plugins

This week in search, we covered the new April 2023 reviews update that goes beyond just product reviews. We also covered the possible impact the Google March 2023 broad core update had on local search. Google’s John Mueller said they don’t launch algorithm updates and say they got everything wrong. Google released its web spam […]