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Google Gemini, Subsequent Stage AI, Comes To Bard & SGE (Search Generative Experience)

Google announced its latest AI advancements named Gemini yesterday, calling it the most capable AI models yet. It is already baked into Bard and it is being tested in SGE, the Search Generative Experience. Google has already started to experiment with Gemini in Search, “where it’s making our Search Generative Experience (SGE) faster for users, […]

Generative Summaries For Search Outcomes

Google has a published patent named “Generative summaries for search results” which is believed to be the patent behind the Search Generative Experience launch we saw earlier this year. This patent was filed on March 20, 2023 and approved on September 26, 2023 under the patent ID US11769017B1. Juan Gonzalez Villa posted a thread on […]

Meta Previews New Generative AI Tools Which Will Facilitate Video and Picture Creation from Text Prompts

Meta has today showcased two new generative AI projects, that will eventually enable Facebook and Instagram users to create videos from text prompts, and facilitate customized edits of images in-stream, which could have a range of valuable applications. Both projects are based on Meta’s “Emu” AI research project, which explores new ways to use generative […]

Google Search Generative Experience Expands To More Countries & Provides New Options

Google announced it has expanded the Search Generative Experience beta to 120 or so countries and territories and four new languages. Google also added new follow-up questions, AI-powered translation help and more interactive definitions in AI-powered overviews. 120 Countries & 4 New Languages Google expanded SGE to 120 countries and territories, so now it works […]

Google Search Generative Experience Exhibiting Recipe Data

The new Google Search, the Google Search Generative Experience, now shows AI-generated answers for recipe queries. I am told it did not show in early releases of SGE but sometime in the past several days Google SGE started to show for recipe queries. Brendan OConnell posted about this on X saying, “Interesting, also noticed that […]

Google Search Generative Experience AI Reply With Bolded Text & New Links

Google seems to be bolding text within the Google Search Generative Experience AI answer snapshot when that text matches part or all of the query. Google does this with the normal search result snippets and now seems to be doing it here, in the new Google SGE. This was spotted by Khushal Bherwani who posted […]

Google Search Generative Experience Now Can Create Images & Textual content

Google has upgraded its Search Generative Experience to create images and text, not just give you answers and show you images or content from others. Google said SGE can now help with “creating an image that can bring an idea to life, or getting help on a written draft when you need a starting point.” […]

Google Testing Lite Model Of Search Generative Experience

Google is testing a lightweight version of the Search Generative Experience. This version shows a more subtle AI-generated answer box, without all the color and with just a few lines, which you can then expand to see more. Glenn Gabe spotted this over the weekend and posted some examples on X. Glenn wrote, “SGE continues […]

Google Rolls Out Updates To The Search Generative Experience

Google has rolled out some updates to the Search Generative Experience (SGE) the company announced on its blog. One update is that SGE should now respond with higher-quality, more accurate responses, the second update is to write responses on sensitive topics based on Google’s quality and safety principles. Google also released the about this result […]

Google Search Generative Experience Testing New AI-Generative Snapshot Design

Google is testing a new design and layout for the Google Search Generative Experience AI-generated snapshot answer. The new design bakes the AI answer into the more traditional user interface as opposed to the more colorful interface you expect from the SGE results. This user interface test was spotted by Aleyda Solis, she posted this […]