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Google Product Critiques Volatility, Bing AI Chat Updates, Google Bard & AI, Google Ads and Extra

This week we saw a lot more volatility from the Google Product reviews update, one last weekend and the other around March 1st. I also posted the big Google webmaster report for March 2023. Bing AI chat now lets you set the tone of the responses. Bing Chat also launched version 96, which improves hallucinations […]

Google Search Rating Algorithmic Volatility On March 1st (Product Evaluations Update)

I am seeing a much bigger spike in chatter within the SEO community this morning around another Google search ranking algorithm update. It might be related to the ongoing Google February 2023 product reviews update or it might be something new. Right now, the tools and the chatter within the community are pretty extreme. The […]

Google Product Evaluations Replace Inflicting Wild Volatility & Swings

Well, this last February 2023 product reviews update has been pretty volatile, and we’ve seen some significant ranking changes and the chatter within the SEO community has been pretty wild. This product reviews update seems to be much more widespread than previous product review updates and some SEOs think something is off with this update. […]

Google Search Ranking Algorithm Replace Volatility & Chatter On January third & 4th

As the Google December 2022 helpful content update other link spam update continue to roll out, I am now seeing more signs of volatility and chatter within the SEO industry in the past 24 hours. It seems like there is another Google algorithm updateor maybe a continuation from the previous ones, taking place on January […]

Google Useful Content material Replace & Hyperlink Spam Replace Nonetheless Making Search Outcome Volatility

As you know, the December 2022 helpful content update and the link spam update are rolling out now. In fact, it seems like the helpful content update needs more time to do its thing. Taking a look at the past few weeks, the Google Search results, it has been pretty volatile. I wanted to share […]

Google Search Rating Algorithm Updates & Volatility Continues

Every Monday, I end up covering an unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update but this past week, going into the weekend, was even more volatile than the others. I am seeing way more chatter, and even the tools are showing heavier volatility than the normal high volatility. There was a lot of movement mid-to-late last […]

Google Thanksgiving Volatility, Hyperlinks, Content material & Extra search engine optimisation & 19 Years Protecting Search

Since Friday of Thanksgiving last week, we have been seeing a lot of chatter and volatility with Google Search. Google said they improved the accuracy of the Discover performance report in Google Search Console. Google said links have a lot less of a significant impact today than they did years ago. Google said they have […]

Tracking Tools Lastly Notifying The Google Product Reviews Update Volatility?

So we have been watching the July 2022 Google Product Reviews Update for some time and noticed that based on SEO chatter from within the community, it likely really kicked in on Friday afternoon. But the automated Google search result tracking tools really did not show much, in aggregate, but as of this morning, they […]

Google Volatility, Individuals Additionally Ask Drop, Search Console Hidden Queries, Google Ads Options & A lot Extra

We had more volatility from Google Search on July 10th. Google shows half the number of people also ask boxes in the search results. Google Search Console anonymizes many queries, so it is not very rare. Google Search Console is rolling out the video indexing report slowly. Google Search Console has a bug with desktop […]

Google Search Rating Algorithm Replace Volatility July fifth & July seventh

Over the past few days there has been some chatter within the SEO community about more Google search ranking algorithmic fluctuations and volatility. This comes after over a week of relative calmness in the Google search results. The chatter picked up in the WebmasterWorld and in the comments section from my last Google update story […]