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34 Superb Writing Residencies You Ought to Apply for This Yr

There’s a ton of advice out there about how to carve out moments in your day to create time to write: wake up an hour early, write in 10-minute intervals to get something down, write during your lunch break at work; the list seems endless.  In between juggling work and home life, writers are left […]

The Therapist Turned Coach Who’s Projecting $300k This 12 months

♥️ At Buffer, we believe in transparency, especially financial transparency, which helps eliminate inequality and gives everyone a greater chance of succeeding. That’s why we’re proud to share Open Books, a series of small business owners giving us a peek inside their books in the spirit of being open about finances as well. Join us […]

Aligning Goal and Revenue Is Serving to Me Construct a $500,000 Per 12 months Enterprise

In my long career before starting a company, I’ve experienced all kinds of businesses. I worked for well-known agencies that were doing splashy, exciting work—but for corporations that weren’t necessarily making a positive impact on the world. I’ve also seen companies who claim to be mission driven—but refuse to take a true stand or align […]

101 New Year E mail Topic Traces: Templates, Suggestions & Examples

The new year can be an excellent time to grow your customer base, which starts with top-notch email campaigns. However, they have to open your stellar email campaigns to read them—that’s where New Year email subject lines come in handy. Everyone wants opens in the inbox, so you’ll have to stand out to outdo the […]

How to Start an Online Business This 12 months

In today’s fast-paced world, the quickest way to connect with a local, nationwide, or global audience is by establishing an online presence for your business. Whether you already run a brick-and-mortar business or are considering launching a fully online venture, focusing on maintaining a 24/7 web presence is the key to developing your brand and […]

Federal Investigators Were Granted Access To Trump’s Twitter Data And DMs Earlier This Year After Special Counsel Warrant

Federal Investigators Were Granted Access To Trump’s Twitter Data And DMs Earlier This Year After Special Counsel Warrant by Adam | August 16, 2023 [unable to retrieve full-text content] The Federal Investigators accessed troves upon troves on data about the former President Donald Trump via X – formerly Twitter – including his draft posts and […]

9 Healthcare Marketing Experts to Work with This Yr

Although traditional marketing still has its value, your overall strategy simply isn’t complete until you’ve mastered digital and content marketing, as well. But if your healthcare practice or facility is like most, your already busy team will need a lot of help generating all of the assets you’ll need. You need optimized, keyword-rich copy for […]

Entrepreneurs Plan to Increase Investments into search engine marketing This 12 months, Report Finds

It is almost impossible to talk about digital marketing and/or content marketing without mentioning the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So in this article I will cover this topic bringing data and insights from the State of Marketing Report 2023. Published by HubSpot, Litmus, Rock Content, and Wistia, the report aims to help marketers […]

Elon Musk And Twitter Will Face One Large Problem This Yr: Lawsuits

Elon Musk is the CEO and founder of SpaceX & Tesla as well as Twitter. … [+]On June 16, 2023 at Porte de Versailles, Paris, France attends the Viva Technology event dedicated to innovations and startups. Elon is in Paris, France for the VivaTech Show where he will give a presentation to 4,000 technology lovers. […]