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The Top 5 Marketing Developments To Leverage ROI This 12 months

It’s possible to say that in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, consumers and decision-makers have higher expectations than ever before: they demand companies and brands to not only keep up with technology, but also consistently optimize the customer experience – After all, it seems that users from all around the world have become accustomed to seamless, […]

Elisa Doucette’s 10+ Yr Inventive Journey

This interview is part of a series called Creators Unlocked that delves into the world of content creators to uncover the stories behind their social media posts. From Twitter to TikTok, the articles aim to offer insights and learnings for aspiring and established creators while also offering a glimpse into the lives of those behind […]

Google Analytics Will Present UA3 Knowledge For A Yr After It Stops Accumulating Knowledge On July 1

Google has shared more details on its upcoming deadline for when Universal Analytics 3 will be turning down. The new information is that you will be able to access, report and export your historical data in UA3 for a year after Google stops collecting data in that platform, so until July 1, 2024. Google posted […]

How 6Connex Doubled Their Site visitors And Increased Their CTR By 25% In Simply One 12 months

Virtual event platform 6Connex had a solid year of growth in 2023, experiencing dramatic changes in web traffic, click-through rates, engagement, and more. They credit much of their success to content creation on behalf of WriterAccessRock Content’s content marketplace, and its talented team of industry-educated writers. As more and more virtual event platforms continue to […]

This Entrepreneur Made Over 90K the primary yr of her enterprise

On the surface, it would seem that Juliana Pache landed her dream job. The New York native was the head of social media at Rolling Stone – the famed music magazine. But in reality, the gig was anything but. Despite working in a job that blended her two passions – music and social media – […]

How iFood, The Largest Supply App In Latin America, Went From 0 To Virtually 1 Million Hits In Much less Than A Yr

Talking about iFood is talking about big numbers. Market leader in food, beverages and other consumer items delivery in Latin America, the Brazilian company now has a great presence throughout Latin America, being instantly recognized by the various populations. However, maintaining and expanding this success depends on much more than excellent service. In the digital […]

Google Advert Income Down 3.6% Yr Over Yr

Google reported earnings last night and their ad revenue not only slowed but was technically lower year over year. Google’s ad revenue was down about 3.6%, while total revenue was up just around 1%. Here is the snippet from the earnings report showing that: Remember, Microsoft reported earnings the week prior and showed slowed growth […]

DUO’s tradition of belief and area of interest tech sees 12 months on 12 months development

A culture of trust is an anomaly in our industry. And so we have consciously nurtured this for a number of years, and it is paying dividends now — not just in revenue growing solidly by 30% year on year but also in the retention and attraction of talented staff. The key to building this […]

Google Is Planning To Include Chatbot Options To Its Search Engine This Yr

We’re all used to Google telling us how to rank well, how to produce good content for people and give them good experiences. It was then that ChatGPT arrived in full force, showing endless possibilities to create content in different ways and changing the future marketing trends. In a way, Google didn’t care so much, […]

Colleyville synagogue nonetheless therapeutic 12 months after hostage state of affairs

January 15th marks one year since a gunman entered Congregation Beth Israel and held four people hostage during a live-streamed Sabbath service. COLLEYVILLE, Texas — Tucked within a Colleyville neighborhood is a safe space that was filled with terror a year ago. Jan. 15 marks one year since a gunman entered Congregation Beth Israel and […]